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Lead Gameplay Designer

  • Guiding the team in translating the overall game vision into implemented functionality.
  • Working with leads and producers from other disciplines to ensure the smooth production of gameplay features, define milestone/ sprint goals and drive gameplay quality.
  • Establishing quality benchmarks and driving the team in reaching them.
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Level Designer

  • Designing, prototyping, iterating and polishing in-game levels, including level geometry, scripting enemy encounters and other gameplay elements, using proprietary level editor in the RedEngine.
  • Crafting unique open world spaces where gameplay flow and visual composition form memorable experiences.
  • Creating required level design documentation.
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Lighting Artist

  • Create dramatic and compelling lighting that supports photorealistic rendering.
  • Deconstruct lighting and textures in a physically based renderer to establish appropriate color correct values.
  • Keep artistic style consistent with defined visual style for the game.
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Localization Programmer

  • Support and develop the tools and procedures for a localization pipeline capable of handling hundreds of thousands of lines of dialogue.
  • Working with the localization and audio teams along with other departments to facilitate the implementation of dialogue in the game.
  • Designing and implementing new features/tools for dialogue and localization in the engine.
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  • Day-to-day management code and design sub-teams.
  • Working closely with design & code teams and Design Director to plan the features needed to support the game vision.
  • Running meetings to generating backlog with leads and resources.
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Project Manager

  • Provide, set-up, and manage the system where backlogs and tasks are created and managed.
  • Insure that project planning is complete across the entire team and otherwise identify and work with Producers to fill any holes in the planning.
  • Assess the scope of a project fits the milestones and release dates.
  • Reporting on short-falls.
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Senior Concept Artist

  • Creating high quality game concept art to be used as direct reference for character and environment artists.
  • Attending reviews, taking feedback and iterating on concepts if needed.
  • Getting artistic direction and support from an Art Director and design direction from a Design Director.
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