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10 Years of The Witcher forums – Contest Results

Today, after a few days of heated debate, we are finally ready to announce the winners of our anniversary competitions. Our task wasn’t an easy one, on the contrary — we’ve received hundreds of really awesome entries. Ideally, we’d like to award everyone, but of course it isn’t possible. We decided to reward 20 people, whose applications we liked the most.

shinobi2u – T-Shirt + Poster + Stickers
broccolisoup – T-Shirt + Pins + Collectors card
ARIATE – T-Shirt + Stickers + Comic Book
Sanamia – T-Shirt + Stickers
LADYJUKA – Poster + Pins + Stickers
Princess_Ciri – Bag + Pins + Collectors Card
Sagitarii – T-Shirt + Stickers
IOANAT – T-Shirt + Stickers
Anthemonis -T-Shirt + Stickers
blodsvept – T-Shirt + Stickers
Yiazmat – Bag + Pins + Collectors Card
Lyfia -Bag + Pins + Collectors Card
Kaldea – T-Shirt + Collectors card + Stickers
Cvrnda – Poster + Sticker
ssynfulhailey – Poster + Comic Books + Stickers
gedierond – Poster + Stickers
Saoe – Poster + Pins + Stickers
majin_streater – T-Shirt + Poster + Pins
DrManhatten – Poster + Comic Books +Stickers
Balckor – Poster + Stickers
Winners, please contact us at with the address information needed for shipping prizes. Congratulations to the winners and thanks for participating!

Unfortunately, because of the format diversity of your entries, we couldn’t create a single gallery with all of them. Therefore, we strongly encourage everyone to share their entries with the community in this topic.

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