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A familiar face

Image - A familiar face

Look what showed up in our office the other day:) A statue of Geralt from The Witcher 2: Assassins of Kings. Now, this is pretty sweet!

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40 comments so far...

Tourist Posts: 177 Joined: 2007-10-17
I wonder if the clothing is removeable. If so, I really really want that outfit. I would love to show up at a Renaissance or Medieval fair in that...
Poser Posts: 13 Joined: 2012-11-29
one word: wow..... />
Tourist Posts: 116 Joined: 2010-07-04
That's cool and all, but... Was RED Mod kit cancelled until W3 release?
Tourist Posts: 182 Joined: 2014-02-11
It's things like these that make me wish I had any of the skills that would come in handy at a game developer company. At best, my education and profession would come in handy from time to time, but not enough to where I could walk into the office every day and see something like this.
NC Citizen Posts: 278 Joined: 2010-12-28
CD PROJEKT RED Posts: 4018 Joined: 2011-01-10
Hair is the hardest part to get right, especially such unique hair as Geralt's. Besides, wigs have hard time passing trial of grass;(
Booster Posts: 878 Joined: 2012-05-21
I really like that, but Gregski is right - look at 3rd picture - hair are too long and too high. It's really like quite complicated woman's haircut.

And as true carper I am missing silver spikes on her gloves
Poser Posts: 1 Joined: 2008-05-01
very young face... the face must be older
Tourist Posts: 156 Joined: 2009-05-25
rooo beautifull , i want the same p
Booster Posts: 887 Joined: 2011-08-30
Still expecting Chuck Testa to suddenly appear, denying this statue's existence.

On a serious note though, very impressive. Wouldn't mind having one in my living room.
Moderator Posts: 5357 Joined: 2009-07-13
Oh, just fix dat hair, it's Geraltia, not Geralt.
Poser Posts: 31 Joined: 2011-11-29
So... where we can get one?
CyberPsycho Posts: 1452 Joined: 2012-01-26
One word is for that mind blowing
CyberPsycho Posts: 1397 Joined: 2012-04-24
Posted by: HomemComH


Maybe if I stare at Geralt's face long enough he an scare this [s]catchy[/s] catching tune from my ears
Max-Tac Posts: 2618 Joined: 2013-02-20
Posted by: Blothulfur

If I were you lads i'd get Doug Cockle to record a few lines of welcome, link it to a motion detector and have the statue greet press visitors.

Your mother sucks dwarf...etcetera.

Easily the most used reference by me.
NC Citizen Posts: 405 Joined: 2012-04-07
I am not worthy and neither are any of you all

NetWatch Posts: 5252 Joined: 2009-02-08
Posted by: DonSwingKing

He never had such long hair in the game. He looks like Barbie's surfer boyfriend.

NOOOOO! This is the work of the new barber of TW3!!!
Tourist Posts: 116 Joined: 2011-08-17
Do you put makeup on him or anything?


Or dress him up in pink?
Booster Posts: 734 Joined: 2010-09-06
Posted by: DonSwingKing

He never had such long hair in the game. He looks like Barbie's surfer boyfriend.

CyberPsycho Posts: 1397 Joined: 2012-04-24
It just showed up, like Christmas?

...Can you put on his clothes...