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If you’re planning on visiting San Diego Comic Con this year, don’t forget to come and say hi to us on July 10. Damien Monnier (Senior Gameplay Designer) and Rafał Jaki (Franchise Director) and Paul Tobin (Dark Horse Comics) will be present in the Dark Horse booth (#2615) at 11am on Friday. The morning signing is the only chance to receive an exclusive Witcher art by Dave Rapoza (as seen above) and get it signed by Rafał, Damien and Paul. Feel free to bring in other stuff you’d like signed, like comic books, World of The Witcher lorebook, etc. 

At 4pm, on the same day, Rafał Jaki and Paul Tobin (The Witcher comic book, Writer) will be participating in a panel called “From Console to Comics: The Art of Video Games” where they will talk about creating The Witcher comic book series and The World of The Witcher book. We would love to see you there!

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Max-Tac Posts: 2929 Joined: 2011-04-25
Well...Eredin Bréacc Glas, King of the Wild Hunt and leader of Dearg Ruadhri, is not a very smart elf.
Booster Posts: 661 Joined: 2014-01-23
He loses them often
Tourist Posts: 79 Joined: 2013-10-22
I don't know if this's discussed before but this doesnt make any sense. Especially in the last scene with him. Why is he trying to reach the sword he dropped instead of using the spare one?

CyberPsycho Posts: 1027 Joined: 2014-10-30
To cosplay harder.

He did not have enough money for a frostmourne replica though.
Banned Posts: 4883 Joined: 2011-08-01
It's a graphical oversight.
Moderator Posts: 2197 Joined: 2015-06-06
The second one is just for show and made of wood... and well... he obviously didn't want to lose his face in battle

but seriously... no idea