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Free Hero Rotation! Golem, Operator, Geralt

Golem–an extraordinary sentient being, The Operator–a dangerous mage and Geralt of Rivia are three choices in this week’s FREE HERO ROTATION!

To read more about the characters, please visit the appropriate section on the website.
You can play The Witcher Battle Arena for FREE on selected Android and iOS devices.

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Ghost Posts: 12040 Joined: 2009-10-11
Does AMD give the option to clean install the drivers . If so then try that .
Also is your card overclocked and that would include factory overclocks as well .
Moderator Posts: 13211 Joined: 2008-07-10
Make sure you aren't seeing interference from antivirals or antispyware. In fact, to be safe, use msconfig to disable everything that isn't necessary on start in the startup window.

Make sure things like MSI Afterburner aren't running. There was an issue with an older version.

set Witcher 2 to minimum values for everything and work up.

If you're going to change drivers, I run this:

Then I install the new drivers.

Once your drivers are in - start with the latest, roll back if that fails.

It's also possible,as Tommy says, you'd have to declock the processor or memory.