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The industry leader in creating role-playing games.

Gamescom 2013 – a backstage pass from CD Projekt RED

Image - Gamescom 2013 - a backstage pass from CD Projekt RED

Gamescom 2013 has ended, yet our journey is far from over. During the expo we hooked Witcher fans up with more than 10,000 t-shirts, gave 254 interviews and presented the game to more than 880 journalists from 37 countries. Thank you all for making it a fantastic gamescom!

We’ve prepared a little treat for you – a video showing some of the backstage happenings from the fair! Gamescom facts, off the record statements, cheeky Instagram selfies and the-Ice-Giant-riding-the-escalator-prank are all included. We hope you’ll have as much fun watching as we had making it. See it here!  

See also

Image - Saskia - hero presentation

Saskia – hero presentation

They don’t call her Dragon Warrior for nothing! Saskia is a powerful melee fighter who can stun her opponents with a powerful shield bash, but she is also very able in the use of dragon flame magical attacks.

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33 comments so far...

Poser Posts: 2 Joined: 2013-10-01

I got a shirt and puzzle. Still trying to solve the chainmail part...
But my shirt destroyed itself with the first wash
Is there someway to get a more endurable shirt? I really liked this shirt...

NC Citizen Posts: 247 Joined: 2013-03-23
i'll never get a official witcher shirt
NetWatch Posts: 5239 Joined: 2009-02-08
the cat with tie! /> Love it!!! Who's its author?
CD PROJEKT RED Posts: 4018 Joined: 2011-01-10
Here are some shots from our GC13 guest book if you're interested

Pic 1

NetWatch Posts: 5239 Joined: 2009-02-08
Posted by: cyber12

CD was awesome at Gamescom, i also got a t-shirt />/>

OH! you are one of those thousands who had this relic of T-shirt?... I hate you! />/> (because I envy you a lot and more! Congrats!)

Poser Posts: 47 Joined: 2012-12-31
CD was awesome at Gamescom, i also got a t-shirt
Tourist Posts: 171 Joined: 2011-08-04
I really need a t-shirt like that
CyberPsycho Posts: 1001 Joined: 2011-04-22
Wow. Those fans sure are lucky. =o
CDPR is so generous. Maybe they're the ones bringing us presents on christmas each year.
Max-Tac Posts: 2608 Joined: 2013-02-20
Posted by: Kinl3y

It ended on the 25th of August. />

Gotcha. With him posting that today it kinda confused me.
NC Citizen Posts: 295 Joined: 2013-04-09
It sucks to not have been there ;( ... wish you guys could provide us loyal fellas with some stuff too!
Max-Tac Posts: 3461 Joined: 2010-03-22
Posted by: Csszr

Gamescon just now ended? Thought it was already over.

It ended on the 25th of August.
Moderator Posts: 5498 Joined: 2011-04-15
I liked it how the guy in the video said: "and we also had a booth with the reception for the gamers" or something along those lines, and then they just showed a bunch of hot chicks with promotional W3 stuff on them. Sign me up for Gamescom next year then :p ... so that I can get me some shirts too, obviously.
Moderator Posts: 4492 Joined: 2011-10-26
Posted by: wisielec

Hidden massage?

Fracking new it wasn't a goddamn typo when someone kept mentioning it.
Booster Posts: 958 Joined: 2012-02-25
CDPRED continuing to be the best dev today? yep, sounds about right.
Max-Tac Posts: 2131 Joined: 2006-08-01
Posted by: wisielec

Hidden massage?

yes hidden massage not message
CyberPsycho Posts: 1328 Joined: 2007-11-20
Hidden massage?
CyberPsycho Posts: 1397 Joined: 2012-04-24
Developers may as well be a rock band on tour in the summer, with here [S]concerts[/S]conventions, autographs, T-shirts, labels and ladies.
NC Citizen Posts: 414 Joined: 2011-10-13
When you said you were going to hand out free T-shirts at your booth, I remember thinking 'Damn, they better bring a lot of T-Shirts'.

Seems like you did. 10 000 T-shirts handed out!? O_o
NC Citizen Posts: 252 Joined: 2011-10-23
Posted by: Adityathewarriorwithin

edit: holy shite NEW AWESOME music from @ 2:37 mark in the end />/>

Nah this is the music that was used for the very first teaser of TW3 back in february of something like that.^^
However, in the middle of the video, I'm pretty sure the music used is new !
Max-Tac Posts: 2608 Joined: 2013-02-20
Gamescon just now ended? Thought it was already over.