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Geralt of Rivia statue announced with Prime 1 Studio!

We’re thrilled to reveal the Geralt statue we’ve been working on with Prime 1 Studio! This meticulously crafted, 26-inch statue represents the witcher defeating a ferocious beast standing in his way. Only one thousand copies of this piece will be made, as well as an additional exclusive version (limited to 500 copies), which will feature a switchable head for Geralt!
Below you’ll find the detailed specs of the statue:
  • Dimensions: 26” (H)66.2cm (W)40.9cm (D)36.1cm
  • Accurate details
  • High-quality translucent resin for a lifelike skin effect
  • Retail price: $769 USD (both versions)
  • Pre-order now at:
Prototype samples are shown. Please note that product details could be subjected to change without notice.
The statue of Geralt is the first in a line of premium collectibles we’re collaborating on with Prime 1 Studios!

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Poser Posts: 1 Joined: 2016-09-27
[DIV]The statue of Geralt is the first in a line of premium collectibles we’re collaborating on with Prime 1 Studios![/DIV]

Do you know if Prime 1 plans on doing just the characters and not the diorama (monsters as base) versions of characters? Trying to make a decision and it would be nice to know.
Moderator Posts: 282 Joined: 2012-07-25
Where's the money on a time like that...
Poser Posts: 47 Joined: 2014-02-11
Really nice, but too pricey.

How about some nice 32mm RPG minis ? Like the Batman ones ? Like the ones from Reaper minis ?
Poser Posts: 14 Joined: 2015-05-26
Wow! This statue is amazing!
CyberPsycho Posts: 1175 Joined: 2015-04-13
Yup, that's Prime One for 'ya. They should have gone with Sideshow Collectibles and sixth scale figure if they wanted a nice balance between quality and price.
Poser Posts: 1 Joined: 2016-09-17
The statue looks great, but that price is absurd. No thanks.