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GWENT Masters schedule changes

Dear GWENT community, 

As mentioned, we would like to keep you up to date with every change regarding our GWENT Masters schedule. Due to various event overlaps and the Homecoming update, we’ve decided to tweak the dates of our official LAN events as well as Pro Ladder seasons. More information below. 

GWENT Challenger #4 will take place on September 1st-2nd. We will be revealing both the location and theme of the event shortly — stay tuned for the updates! The online qualifier for Challenger #4 is scheduled for July 28-29th – top 50 Pro Ladder players on July 25th (Wednesday), 12 PM (noon) CEST will be eligible to participate.

GWENT Open #7 will be happening on October 13-14th, with the online qualifier in September. As was the case for GWENT Open #6 — top 6 crown point earners from July-August Pro Ladder season + 2 winners of the online qualifier will be invited to Warsaw to participate in the tournament. This event is going to be the last official GWENT LAN before the Homecoming update. 

Same can be said about the Pro Ladder season #6, ending on August 31st. This will mark the start of the Pro Ladder offseason. We don’t want to release the Homecoming update during any ongoing Pro Ladder seasons and we also believe that our players will benefit from this offseason period, using it to adapt to the amount and magnitude of changes we’ll be introducing with the update. Finally, this break will allow us to introduce tweaks and improvements to Pro Ladder format itself — more info on that later. We’re not ready to announce the exact date when Pro Ladder will resume after the break just yet, but our rough estimate is 1,5-2 months after Homecoming release.

GWENT Masters Team

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