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Join us on Tuesday, December 12th at 9 PM CET for the last short stream before GWENT Challenger! Paweł Burza, Michał “Luigi” Dobrowolski and Maciej “Ostry” Ostrowski will reveal more cards from the upcoming update – don’t miss it!

Stream will be available on our Twitch channel:

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The Evolution of GWENT’s Factions

Imagine for a moment that you are the Lady of Time and Space herself, Ciri, and you’ve just travelled back to November 2016. Would you recognise the GWENT you’ve devoted hundreds of hours to? While it’s enjoyed a loyal following, there are many popular players that weren’t around during the very early days of Closed Beta. This was back when there wasn’t even a ranked mode and a “pro ladder” was the stuff of a Dragons Dream. The archetypes that made up the various factions have been through months of evolution – something which we recently covered in “5 Gwent cards that defined the past” – but with everyone gearing up for Homecoming, let’s take a more in-depth look at how the factions have changed.

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Please slow down guys - I can't handle all this new stuff!

... with the 100+ Kegs that I am holding I'm going nuts here.
Junior Member Posts: 139 Joined: 2017-05-25
Please please more alchemy and hazard cards!
Also, more "spawn" mechanic, looks amazing.
Imagine pulling some useless stuff with LEADER.

Troll post, I guess ))
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Oh my, I'm going to miss this one, since I'm at work
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Omg i can t wait for the new patch!
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I think most of today's cards seem to be really interesting.
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I missed the stream (totally went over my head) - what the hell is this Shupe?
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Last showed gold looks nice
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I missed the stream (totally went over my head) - what the hell is this Shupe?
Choose one of 3 predefined units, each of them creates an unique effect (3 out of 5 possibilities per unit, for a total of 15 effects). Some of the effects are: draw an card, duel an enemy, etc...
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Some pretty cool new cards, I think that was by far the best reveal stream
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I'd like to speak a few words to the makers here and everyone responsible for making Gwent. Well done, guys. I know it's just a card game, but you have made it so unique and FUN to play, and that is so rare nowadays. This is better than the past 3 year's mainstream games combined, and with the recent events I think many people agree with that. The game is fun, has a nice design, you do awesome updates and much more. GOOD JOB, all of you. Hope Gwent will be around for a long, long time.