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Meteorite Powder sale!

For all the Premium card lovers out there – now you can save up to 50% on Meteorite Powder!

The sale is available on all platforms.

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Moderator Posts: 7176 Joined: 2016-11-17

Thanks CDPR!
Moderator Posts: 8161 Joined: 2015-10-13
I also had to use this opportunity and transform all my golds (including leaders) to premiums

So yeah, thanks! Now I have lots of nice and shiny cards. I spent good amount of time in my inventory, just looking at those awesome animations < 3
Junior Member Posts: 118 Joined: 2017-03-16
how long is this offer?
Junior Member Posts: 21 Joined: 2017-11-18
Can someone clarify when it expires?
Junior Member Posts: 178 Joined: 2017-03-07
50% card kegs sale off plz xD
Junior Member Posts: 30 Joined: 2017-09-20
Thanks!!! Was really struggling to transmute all my favorite cards and prices seemed too high
Junior Member Posts: 1 Joined: 2017-11-23
For how long??
Junior Member Posts: 1 Joined: 2017-11-23
50% card kegs sale off plz xD
yes plz. ;p
Junior Member Posts: 212 Joined: 2017-03-15
how long is this offer?
Can someone clarify when it expires?
You can check it in the ingame menu. It's lasts 3 days from now I think.
Junior Member Posts: 162 Joined: 2017-06-08
50% card kegs sale off plz xD
Junior Member Posts: 213 Joined: 2017-05-24
We will have a similar sale on christmas? Now( i know is embarassing) i can t afford to buy
Posts: 49 Joined: 2013-12-20
Can we please make these meteorite powder prices permanent? These are really good prices!!