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New Witcher 3 gameplay to be shown during San Diego Comic Con!

Hungry for fresh Witcher 3: Wild Hunt gameplay? Planning to visit Comic-Con San Diego? Thursday 24th is shaping up to be a lucky day for you as we will be presenting, for the first time in public, 30 hot minutes of live Witcher 3: Wild Hunt unpublished gameplay! The space is limited to 1000 people only! Additionally, the panel will host a special Q&A session with the Witcher team and Doug Cockle, the voice of Geralt of Rivia. Stay tuned for more info.

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Ghost Posts: 13096 Joined: 2010-02-26
Youtube is one of the worst sites to stream vids from my experience. I wish them luck.
NetWatch Posts: 8764 Joined: 2012-06-06
Are they going to use VP9 for it? To pack that many frames per second they need really good bitrate (lower than their current one) and fast decompression as well. It would be really interesting when Daala will arrive though. That would be a real game changer for video.