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Season of the Viper is ending soon!

Our journey alongside the witchers from the School of the Viper slowly draws to an end – the current season will finish on Wednesday, May 30th, at 10 AM CEST!

The season end rewards will be distributed shortly after, and a new magical season will follow.

As a reminder, here’s what the witchers have prepared for you this month:

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Interview with Damorquis

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Junior Member Posts: 5 Joined: 2017-05-04
Have almost no passion to finish daily 3 wins, so going for first 10000 as usual.
Junior Member Posts: 126 Joined: 2017-12-19
soon? we just started..haha.

Damn time goes too fast, I need some potions for that
Moderator Posts: 13011 Joined: 2015-03-10
I need some potions for that
Try this one:
Junior Member Posts: 46 Joined: 2018-04-21
True, it has just begun, but I havent played that much ranked, *cough,cough* Brouver/Nova,alchemy nilfgaard *cough,cough*.
Got to rank 17, with my Armored Nova deck, then been playing arena and casual.
Hope this season ends soon so we can have the annoying nilfgaard and swarm tael patched, too bad its only 16.5.
Junior Member Posts: 294 Joined: 2017-12-26
Wow time flies. I could have sworn the season just started? Anyway the title turned me off this season. Strangly enough though I have run into few viper witcher decks. Only played to rank 17 this season though. Had a nice amount of deck variety this season, I think most had grown tired of the meta and decided to get creative, not sure if it's the same higher though.
Junior Member Posts: 44 Joined: 2017-05-12
is this season over soon?
it's wrong.
this season has been already over.
because nothing is changed for three months.
Junior Member Posts: 579 Joined: 2017-04-16
Yeah, i only play casual until balance patch
Junior Member Posts: 611 Joined: 2018-01-15
I guess two weeks is "soon" now? = S
Posts: 228 Joined: 2014-02-11
I have a question: Do we got the balance patch on 22nd May and then we have one more week to play? Because I don't play Ranked but after the patch I want to climb a little.
Junior Member Posts: 576 Joined: 2017-02-15
If nothing change that's how it will be
Junior Member Posts: 73 Joined: 2017-06-10
Ladder be damned! We're too busy playing Arena gold rush. ^^