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Special episode of A ROUND OF GWENT out now!

Join us for a special anniversary episode of A ROUND OF GWENT, celebrating 10 years of The Witcher game franchise. We talk with our guest, Marcin Iwiński, co-founder and joint CEO of CD PROJEKT RED, about the beginnings of the company, the development process of The Witcher, and, of course, how GWENT became a standalone game!
Watch it now!

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I see marcin i click the video
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Leek spotted!

The history of CDPR is always nice to learn about. Also, was certainly interesting to hear Mr. Iwiński's views on Gwent.

Praise be to the Great Sun!

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Happy anniversary, CD Projekt RED!

(And thank you, alkozera , for inserting the video directly!)

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In a way, this episode seems an extension of the recent noclip documentary series. (Parental discretion advised.)

And now, a bit more feedback: A much more intimate setting this time, with far less distraction, and a greater feel of a friendly, informal chat. Although, I will note that Dandelion began interacting with the ladies just as Marcin began to talk about Gwent, thus giving -- some -- viewers something else to arrest their attention. While this did concentrate the 'action' around the speaker, it can, yet again, detract from the conversation, since a flamboyant bard, a cloaked woman (a sorceress, perhaps?), and a mercenary are only slightly more entertaining and intriguing than the co-founder. Sorry, Marcin!
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Watched this the day it came out... was a good one!

Been really busy this week and the interwebs I have missed