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The Witcher Fox Children #1 by Dark Horse Comics & CD PROJEKT RED out now!

Together with Dark Horse Comics we are pleased to announce the release of The Witcher Fox Children, a new entry in the comic book series about Geralt of Rivia.

Written by Paul Tobin, with art and covers by Joe Querio, The Witcher Fox Children extends the universe known from critically acclaimed video games and books.

Geralt’s journey leads him aboard a ship of fools, renegades, and criminals—but some passengers are more dangerous than others, and one hides a hideous secret!

The Witcher Fox Children is available in physical format in good comic book stores in the United States of America and as a digital download, via the Dark Horse iOS and Android application, as well as online, on the Dark Horse Digital comic book store.

For a sneak peek preview, click here, here, here, and here.

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