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Congratulations to the winner of GWENT Open #5!

GWENT Open #5 is a wrap and proved to be one of the most diverse we’ve seen. Not only did it include a returning champion — some old veterans showed up, too! But it was the new faces who truly shined, and AndyWand in particular — a player that we first saw at GWENT Slam #2.

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Tourist Posts: 270 Joined: 2015-10-09
I had pre-purchased the GOG version with the season pass early last year before the game launched.
Clocked 1300+ hours on this awesome masterpiece.

I purchased the steam version again yesterday to show my appreciation and support for CDPR.
You folks are truly the best game studio in the world. Keep up the awesome work!

PS: Now back to a few rounds of Gwent Cheers!