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This Week in GWENT 02.02.2018

Check out this week’s episode of TWIG!

“This Week in GWENT” is a new, weekly show, in which we cover the most important events of the current week – in just 90 seconds!

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New game mode coming to GWENT!

Join us tomorrow at 9PM CET on for a live stream with Paweł Burza, Michał “Luigi” Dobrowolski and Maciek “Ostry” Ostrowski who will tell you more about a new game mode coming to GWENT soon!

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Wish I could talk that fast and still be understood...

Nice educational bit at the end.
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Hey, stuff!
Entirely too many twos in that tally,
Burza46 ! Twotally.
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Thanks for the info Team Gwent! For the record - I really enjoyed this season & the Monster & NG competition/battlefield was very exciting too! Nice way to bring everything to a close. I look forward to the next update and direction the Team is taking this GREAT Game. I've been looking for a game like this for a very long time ... Well done! Excuse me, I have to go and buy more Kegs!

Rayon 34
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