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This Week in GWENT 02.02.2018

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“This Week in GWENT” is a new, weekly show, in which we cover the most important events of the current week – in just 90 seconds!

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The Evolution of GWENT’s Factions

Imagine for a moment that you are the Lady of Time and Space herself, Ciri, and you’ve just travelled back to November 2016. Would you recognise the GWENT you’ve devoted hundreds of hours to? While it’s enjoyed a loyal following, there are many popular players that weren’t around during the very early days of Closed Beta. This was back when there wasn’t even a ranked mode and a “pro ladder” was the stuff of a Dragons Dream. The archetypes that made up the various factions have been through months of evolution – something which we recently covered in “5 Gwent cards that defined the past” – but with everyone gearing up for Homecoming, let’s take a more in-depth look at how the factions have changed.

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Wish I could talk that fast and still be understood...

Nice educational bit at the end.
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Hey, stuff!
Entirely too many twos in that tally,
Burza46 ! Twotally.
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Thanks for the info Team Gwent! For the record - I really enjoyed this season & the Monster & NG competition/battlefield was very exciting too! Nice way to bring everything to a close. I look forward to the next update and direction the Team is taking this GREAT Game. I've been looking for a game like this for a very long time ... Well done! Excuse me, I have to go and buy more Kegs!

Rayon 34
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