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Upgrade patch 1.60 for Xbox One X is out! Additional PS4™ Pro patch coming soon.

The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt has just received an upgrade patch for Xbox One X enhancing the game to take advantage of the additional power offered by the console. Similar patch for PS4™ Pro has been released a few weeks ago.

The Xbox One X upgrade patch for The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt introduces a number of graphical features and tweaks to the game across two visual fidelity options — 4K Mode and Performance Mode. 

In 4K Mode the game will run in 4K resolution (or supersampled on a non-4K display) with stable 30fps gameplay, whereas Performance Mode enables dynamic resolution scaling (from 1080p up to 4K) while targeting 60 fps during gameplay. Both modes support HDR. 

To switch between these modes you need to access Options > Display.

In the Advanced section you will be able to choose between 4K Mode and Performance Mode:

An upgrade patch introducing HDR support will soon be released for the PS4™ Pro console as well. 

List of changes for Xbox One X: 
  • 2 new graphic modes: 4K Mode and Performance Mode
  • support for 4K resolution 
  • HDR support
  • enhanced shadows, ambient occlusion and texture filtering
  • higher resolutions textures
  • dynamic resolution scaling (from 1080p to 4K)

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Guys, c' pc?
Junior Member Posts: 2 Joined: 2017-12-20
Been waiting for this patch!, Thanks!
Junior Member Posts: 3 Joined: 2017-12-20
Wonderful news, thank you for your continuous support for this gem of a game!
Bought the game twice-on PS4 and PC. Now that the patch for PS4 is planned as well, I wanted to ask if it is possible to have Performance Mode targeting 60fps on PS4 Pro? I know PS4 Pro is not that powerful as Xbox One X, but it could benefit from dynamic resolution as well-not with 4K obviously, but from 1080p to 720p in intense scenes. Please, CDPR?...I mean, I can agree even for 900p as a starting point for performance mode. Or even 720p as in NiOh in it's Action Mode. Just give target 60fps, I don't mind graphical sacrifices.
Junior Member Posts: 1 Joined: 2017-12-20
Thank you so very kindly. You guys are one of, if not the best dame developers on the planet. Never change, CDPR.
CyberPsycho Posts: 1309 Joined: 2008-07-14
Uh, any plans for HDR on PC?
Junior Member Posts: 2 Joined: 2017-12-20
Just amazing guys, personally i found the performance mode to be best IMO of course. 60 fps with hdr, the only caveat is scaling with this mode, from what i see on my lg 7700 it does not seem to drop the resolution at all. This could just be my eyes being lazy. Anyway just wanted to share my initial impression with this patch. Great work CDP!!
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So, after this news post on the official The Witcher 3 website, we got HDR implemented for the Xbox One and soon for Playstation 4. Yet, there is no word on this update reaching the PC platform. Can we get an official answer if a HDR update for PC is in the works/planned?

It would feel pretty bad for PC to be left out of such update considering HDR is a significant feature nowdays and it would do much to future proof the game. Many great PC games are starting to come out with HDR, such as Resident Evil 7, HITMAN, Battlefield, Shadow Warrior 2 and others.
Posts: 122 Joined: 2014-02-21
Any word on HDR for PC?
Booster Posts: 820 Joined: 2013-03-11
Cool, and when on pc?
Tourist Posts: 65 Joined: 2016-06-06
  • HDR support
  • enhanced shadows, ambient occlusion and texture filtering
  • higher resolutions textures
  • dynamic resolution scaling (from 1080p to 4K)

Seriously WTF. at first i wanted to think points 2 and 3 are the same ones we already got, but im not sure anymore after reading that about HDR.

And why not HDR?

I wonder if this is intentional to draw attention to CDPR before the new game comes out, because makes zero sense to incite a massive fan rage like this.
Moderator Posts: 13191 Joined: 2015-03-10
Two threads merged. Let's concentrate feedback about this in one place, please.
Junior Member Posts: 20 Joined: 2017-11-07
The patch for PS4: Will it fix the inventory fail and will it also give choice of Performance/4K mode or just useless HDR ?
Junior Member Posts: 4 Joined: 2017-06-25
Ok, that's cool and all but, you think you can fix the achievement issues on this version so i can play it again without being salty? And don't bother giving me tips on how to fix it, I tried every fix imaginable and none worked.
Poser Posts: 3 Joined: 2015-05-24
Sorry, but I really hate devs, who make HDR as exclusive feature.
Tourist Posts: 70 Joined: 2014-02-11
Adding my voice of disappointment to not adding HDR to the PC. Not that you guys care, Im sure MS threw enough money to make it so, but now I know you guys will turn into every other developer soon enough and to not buy your games in the future.
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I've been a fan of the Witcher series since the first one and have played them all on the PC. Please support your devoted PC fans by adding HDR support, ideally Nvidia Gamestream HDR support. Thank you.
Junior Member Posts: 2 Joined: 2017-12-20
Sorry, but I really hate devs, who make HDR as exclusive feature.
HDR isn't an exclusive feature to Xbox One. It is coming to PS4 as well. HDR isn't really a thing with PC gaming yet. PC monitors with HDR10 support are not available.
Junior Member Posts: 2 Joined: 2017-12-20
The Witcher 3 looks and runs great on Xbox One X. I prefer the 4K mode, but the Performance/60fps mode is a really great achievement for CD Projekt Red.