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Email delivery: earthlink, comcast, aol, mindspring, t-online

If the email address you provided in your support ticket is,,, or, then unfortunately our reply may not reach you because our email is not treated as a trusted one.

If possible, add and domains to the trusted list.

When replying to email addresses on we are faced with the following message:
“Your mail could not be delivered because the recipient is only accepting mail from specific email addresses. If you feel you received this in error, please contact the recipient directly and ask them to check their email settings.”  Unfortunately we have no way to contact the recipient directly other than via email.

When we reply to earthlink and mindspring we see: “to prevent unsolicited email, has enabled this verification step“.
Please ensure that upon sending a request to us, our email addresses provided above are already unblocked.

Our emails to are usually undelivered because of comcast spam block. Details:

In the case of the message we get is one informing us that the host refused to talk to our mail system.


See also

The Witcher for Mac – old Wine version

In November 2014 The Witcher for Mac was updated and doesn’t use Wine any more.

The builds on digital platforms like and Steam were swapped and when you download the game from them you get the latest build. However, as it’s impossible to swap builds on already existing discs those who have the disc version, or those who downloaded the game before the swap and haven’t updated it will still have the old Wine version.

The old Wine version will not run on El Capitan.

To gain access to the new version of the game if you have the old Wine one:

  • on discs use your Game Code on and download the Mac installer from GOG
  • on GOG either update it via Galaxy or download and install the game anew
  • on Steam switch on updates