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5 GWENT Cards that defined the past

For a deck to earn tier one status, it must meet a couple of requirements. Firstly, it must be consistent and able to be thinned down to its important cards, like a Ciri: Nova or Restore. Secondly, it’s either not vulnerable to the coinflip — such as King Bran, who can establish carry over to prevent the dry pass — or can exploit it like Red Coin Henselt. But insane tempo and huge power resurrections aren’t new to GWENT and have existed long before Open Beta began. In fact, most archetypes we see in GWENT today are the result of months of in-game evolution and various reworks. Prepare for some nostalgia as we look back at five cards and abilities that previously defined the face of GWENT.

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Don’t forget about the Open #6 Qualifier!

As we announced in April, the upcoming Open #6 will be the first Open tournament with the new format – 6 players will qualify based on Pro Ladder final standings, and 2 players will get their spots by winning a separate online qualifier. 

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GWENT Masters schedule changes

As mentioned, we would like to keep you up to date with every change regarding our GWENT Masters schedule. Due to various event overlaps and the Homecoming update, we’ve decided to tweak the dates of our official LAN events as well as Pro Ladder seasons. More information below. 

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Season of Magic is ending soon!

You have only two weeks left to finish yours tasks for the Lodge of Sorceresses – the Season of Magic will come to an end on Friday, June 29th, at 10 AM CEST.The season end rewards will be distributed shortly after, and a new season will begin. We’ve heard that Brokilon is quite nice this time of year…

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Second Wild Hunt tournament is coming this weekend!

Since its inception, GWENT has always enjoyed a passionate North American following. There’s no escaping big names like Swim, WatchFlake and JoeSn0w, who’ve each contributed something to the community. And whilst the name Michael Toryk may not mean anything to you, you may recognise his screen name — NoControl.

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Are you ready for a new Challenge?

The battle is about to begin. On one side: proud forces of Northern Realms. On the other: powerful Nilfgaardian Empire. Who will emerge victorious? Choose your side!

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Arena in Full Spectrum!

Why limit yourself to a single color? In the new Special Arena mode, each set you choose from will consist of cards with varying rarities.

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Tournament Strategy: The Secret Art of Ban Baiting

You don’t need me to tell you that playing GWENT on the ranked ladder is a different experience to competing in a tournament. While laddering, winning as many games as possible is your main objective. It’s for this reason that most meta decks include almost no cards that are situational.

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