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The Silver Trail awaits!

Many heroes have awaited their chance at glory. Now their time has come! In this Special Arena mode you will be able to build your deck with Silver cards ONLY.

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GWENT Esports: A Geographical Analysis

GWENT’s competitive scene is an international amalgam of countries spread out throughout various continents and boasting a vast array of languages and cultures. In order to help fans understand the current competitive scene and its demographics, I decided to look at the distribution of Crown Points confronted with the amount of representatives of the GWENT pro scene top countries. Using the official GWENT Masters Crown Points Ranking, I filtered players by total Crown Points earned throughout the Circuit’s existence and based my analysis on said data.

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Season 6 is now live

Crown Points for the top 200 players of the 5th season have been distributed, and Season 6 is now live! 

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Entertainment at Court

The battle against Northern Realms might be over, but don’t forget that the Imperial court harbors more danger than most battlefields…

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5 GWENT Cards that defined the past

For a deck to earn tier one status, it must meet a couple of requirements. Firstly, it must be consistent and able to be thinned down to its important cards, like a Ciri: Nova or Restore. Secondly, it’s either not vulnerable to the coinflip — such as King Bran, who can establish carry over to prevent the dry pass — or can exploit it like Red Coin Henselt. But insane tempo and huge power resurrections aren’t new to GWENT and have existed long before Open Beta began. In fact, most archetypes we see in GWENT today are the result of months of in-game evolution and various reworks. Prepare for some nostalgia as we look back at five cards and abilities that previously defined the face of GWENT.

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