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GWENT Homecoming — see what’s next for GWENT

I love GWENT — especially when I am winning. At times, I hate it — it’s when I get my ass kicked. GWENT is one of the very few games I play almost every day (I clocked close to 350 hours). Why am I telling you this? It’s because I want you to know that I’m invested and treat GWENT very personally.

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Interview with TailBot

Challenger is soon approaching and as the anticipation for it is mounting, I decided to interview TailBot — one of the fan favorite participants of the tournament. He has taken part in several major GWENT events already, including the second Challenger, and he’s one of the most consistent Pro Ladder players. That, in addition to his unique personality makes him an interesting character to look at. So let’s get to know him a little bit better!

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Deck targeting and its effectiveness

Many players, particularly those new to card games, underestimate the considerable difference between playing the ladder and competing in tournaments. Not only that, but whether ladder players make great tournament players has divided the community on many occasions.

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Season of the Elves has started!

Zyvik once told Ciri: “We were ordered to round them up, but how do you catch an elf? It’s like trying to catch the wind.” And thus said, we would like to introduce the new ranked season- Season of the Elves!