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The New Kids On The Block

With yet another Pro Ladder season coming to an end, our fourth GWENT Open Tournament is right around the corner and there are many things our diehard competitive fans can look forward to: insane outplays, exciting reverse sweeps, and the return of the infamous TailBot to official competition following his eccentric showing at GWENT Challenger #2.

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New Faction Challenge begins!

It’s time to take up a new challenge! Who will you support this time — ruthless Monsters, or loyal soldiers of Northern Realms? Choose your side, compete for battlefield dominance and earn faction rewards!

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Kripparrian is streaming GWENT!

Tune in to Kripparrian’s Twitch channel this week for a series of GWENT streams! Check out his plays and misplays, have fun, and join him raiding other GWENT streamers!