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Witcher Forum Emoticons – Contest Results

It’s time to announce the winners of our latest contest. Two weeks ago we asked you to pick your favorite Witcher moments, turn them into emoticons and send them over to us for a chance to win Witcher 3 t-shirts. Today we present you with the 5 best entries that will be used as emoticons on our new Witcher forums.


Dark Horse to publish The Witcher comic book!

From Paul Tobin, the Eisner Award winning writer of Bandette, with art by Joe Querio (Lobster Johnson, B.P.R.D.) and covers by Dave Johnson (100 Bullets), comes a riveting comic based on The Witcher, a series of dark fantasy RPGs with a character-driven, non-linear story set in a gritty and living world.

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Witcher Forum Emoticons – Contest

As you may know, we are preparing to launch the new Witcher forums and we want our fans to be a part of this process. How, you might ask? It’s pretty simple! We’d love to have a whole new set of custom emoticons to celebrate the launch of our message boards, and it would be appropriate if they came straight from our games. But to make that happen, we are going to need your help!


REDkit Tutorials

Since the very beginning of REDkit Open Beta, we have been hard at work to bring you more insight on how to improve your REDkit experience and make your work with the editor easier.


REDkit Closed Beta Winner Interview

Want to know more about the winner of the REDkit closed beta? Head over to, where you will find an exclusive interview with Benzenzimmern (the author of the winning entry), talking about his work with the REDkit, favorite games and more.

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REDkit enters Open Beta!

The moment everyone has been waiting for is finally here! We are proud to announce the launch of REDkit, the ultimate set of tools for crafting non-linear role-playing adventures! The editor has just entered its open beta phase, allowing everyone who is waiting for The Witcher 3 to go back to the previous installment of the series and create new, amazing content or just play around with other modders’ creations.


A familiar face

Look what showed up in our office the other day:) A statue of Geralt from The Witcher 2: Assassins of Kings. Now, this is pretty sweet!