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Free Hero Rotation: Succubus, Saskia, Letho

Succubus, a beautiful and dangerous creature, who seduces handsome young men in order to feed on their vital energy, Saskia, a dragon in a human form, who prefers to fight in as a human in the arena, unleashing her primal might only in special circumstances, and Letho, a witcher, also known as the Assassin of Kings, who specializes in taking out mages quickly and efficiently are the heroes featured in this week’s Free Hero Rotation!

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Friends & Stats System – coming soon

Hi everyone!

A big part of the changes Friends and Foes introduces is the friends and stats systems. Both features have been heavily requested by the community and we’re super happy to introduce them with this update. First off, the friend system.


Ranking System coming soon!

Hi Guys!First of all, we want to thank you for being with us! The Witcher Battle Arena has been downloaded more than 1 million times so far — we got massive feedback from you, which will immensely help us in adding new stuff to the game further down the road. Thank you! You rock!

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New content UPDATE is LIVE!

The first content update for The Witcher Battle Arena is now live! It introduces the Succubus–a new playable character–as well as lots of balance changes to many in-game items, and new legendary skins for some of the heroes.

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