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CD PROJEKT RED @ E3 2014 Sum Up

The amount of love we received this year was staggering. Since pictures do sometimes convey more than words, we put a thousand (well, almost) words on a picture. We’d like to thank all the people who visited us during E3 (look for your name in the artwork!) and, most importantly, with all humbleness, we’d like to thank each and every gamer out there for being with us, supporting us and cheering us on for what we do. There’s nothing better for an artist creating their dream game than people who recognize the passion and effort invested. We salute you, dear gamers. Thank you for receiving us so well! Winter 2014/2015 is coming, but we’re going to make its tail end in February scorching hot. That’s a promise!

As you probably know, we’ve launched pre-orders. It’s a very special moment in every developer’s life. It’s the moment gamers either say “yes” to your game, to your vision of what games should look like, or turn away and look for other, better stuff. We’ve fought DRM, we’ve put a ton of stuff that’s normally reserved for limited editions of games into the standard, off-the-shelf edition of Wild Hunt and, guess what… you’ve shown us it’s worth it. I want to stress that the pre-order opening of The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt was the biggest in the history of the studio. Your ongoing support is showing us that it’s WORTH being honest and upfront with gamers, that it’s WORTH being true to what you believe in, and that sometimes it pays to be a rebel and kick bad standards in the balls, dammit!

OK, that said, let’s do some summing up. First off, after this year’s E3, The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt is only a bit shy of 120 awards and that’s something that fills us with great pride. Thank you! What’s more, during the show we published a TON of new screenshots, gameplays and the “Sword of Destiny” trailer, which gives a lot of hints about both the plot and the scope of the game. The trailer can be viewed here, while all of the assets we released can be found on our website and across our social media.

Once more, thank you! It’s been a great and productive time here in LA, but it’s time to get back to work on the game.

Good bye, Los Angeles! See you next time!
Adam Badowski,
Head of Studio

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