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CD Projekt RED Working with Platige Image Studio on a New Project

CD Projekt RED announces that it has begun collaborating with Plastige Image Studio on a new project. The first result of this cooperation is a trailer directed by Oscar-nominated Tomasz Bagiński. It will be unveiled on Thursday, June 2nd during the CD Projekt Summer Conference preceding the E3 trade show in Los Angeles, CA.

“Working with Platige Image on the first Witcher game left us with a great impression. They are truly amazing; their work is clearly world-class. We are certain their video material will spice up our newest production. While a high-quality rendered movie takes a lot of work to produce and is short compared to the total gameplay time, it is very impressive, and thus adds considerably to the overall mood of the game,” said Adam Badowski, The Witcher 2 Game Director.

Tomasz Bagiński and his Platige Image group were behind cinematics for the first Witcher, which were nominated for Visual Effect Society Award. 

“I am really happy to team up with CD Projekt RED again and to return to the great Witcher family. Both our companies have developed a lot over the past few years. Although our studio has worked on many interesting and major projects, I remember our participation on the first Witcher very fondly. When the opportunity arose to collaborate again, I didn’t have to think twice. The trailer we have prepared for E3 is the first fruit of our renewed cooperation,” – Said Tomasz Bagiński, Trailer Director.


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