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Change to placing on Pro Ladder

Following the announcement of GWENT Masters we have received a lot of feedback from you โ€” the gamers. Based on that feedback, we decided to introduce a change to how the ranking for Pro Ladder will work.

Though your overall and faction MMRs will be constantly shifting depending on the results and amount of the matches you play, your placement in the ranking will base on the highest overall MMR you have achieved during the season. For example, if you are ranked 3rd with 4200 MMR at any point in the season and lose a number of games, causing your overall MMR to drop significantly, you will remain ranked 3rd until the end of the season, unless another player surpasses your peak overall MMR of 4200. 

We believe this will promote healthy competition among gamers right up to the very last moments of a Pro Ladder season and help avoid a situation where players would feel discouraged from participating in order to secure their ranking.

This change will come into effect immediately with the start of the Pro Ladder season on September 1st. The Rankings section available on the website will adapt to the new system soon after.

Please note that GWENT Masters Rules & Regulations have been updated to reflect this change. The latest version of the document will soon be available on

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