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Frequent questions and night servers update raport

Dear Fans!

We’d like to answer some of the questions you are asking:

My CDKEY is not in the database.
Please send us the key you are trying to use at

CDKEY is invalid
Try changing the 0 (zeros) into O (capital o letter, like “okay, now it works”) or the other way round

I can’t log in to the Witcher 1 account
Please be patient as we bring this feature back. It should be available soon

CDP has removed all of our old accounts
No, we haven’t. There were a lot of changes before the game start and we had to change the databases. But we will try to merge all old accounts with the newly registered ones

Will the forums be back online?
Yes! We are also working on this. It looks as we will be doing final tests on Wednesday and if all goes well, we will bring the forums back online shortly after

Also, if you are writing to the support, please provide us with the key you are using. This may speed the whole process up.

As for the midnight update – it’s always a difficult decision to put servers down as there is always some risk involved. The current infrastructure consists of over 16 core machines and two external datacenters. We work on master machine which propagates the changes to slaver machines and to external datacenters. This takes some time, especially that the DLC and the registration clusters have a lot of encoded files. Today we also had to decode and encode all of those files for the move and this took most of the time.

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