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Friends & Stats System – coming soon

Hi everyone!

A big part of the changes Friends and Foes introduces is the friends and stats systems. Both features have been heavily requested by the community and we’re super happy to introduce them with this update. First off, the friend system.

Since we think TWBA should be a fast hop-in experience, we wanted to keep it clean and simple – you won’t get bogged down in complicated menus when starting games with your friends, just tap the icon on the right hand side of the screen and you’re in. The friends system allows you to invite your online friends into coop and PVP games – just tap the appropriate button and you’re set.
The first panel allows you to invite your friends from Facebook or send invites manually.

The second panel shows the list of your friends. Tap on their avatars to enter their profiles for detailed stats. 

The last panel shows the list of all your pending invites. Here, you can accept or decline all received friend invites.


Another feature we’re introducing with Friends and Foes is a detailed stats system which allows you to track your progress and key gameplay metrics. Just tap your avatar to enter the appropriate menu and see your three most played characters, a general overview, which shows your kill/death ratio, how many times you’ve won, and your current rank. You can see your friends’ stats, too (excluding their collections, though)!
The summary of your profile will provide you with really detailed statistics like game time, favourite class or number of matches on a particular arena. It’s a real gold mine of interesting stats so feel free to dig in!

If you tap the Collections panel, you’ll see your collection progress and a list of items you own.

The second panel in this menu shows your match history. Here, you can see the list of 10 last matches you’ve played along with information about victories and losses. You can see how many times you’ve died during the match and how many times you’ve killed your enemy.

The last panel shows you a list of avatars. Tap on an avatar to see the prerequisites needed to unlock it. Avatars are a great way to show your progress to others at  a glance!


We hope you like what we’ve prepared. It’s not everything so stay tuned for more info!


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