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Get ready for WitcherCon with our Watch Party Guide!

We teamed up with Netflix to bring the world of The Witcher into your homes and celebrate the franchise together! Tune in to WitcherCon on July 9th at 7 PM CEST or July 10th at 3 AM CEST — you can watch the event on our official Twitch and YouTube channels. 

To make sure this event is an unforgettable experience we prepared a few tips for you… 

First of all, every witcher needs their medallion. So grab this file and power up your 3D printer to print your own wolf school medallion! We recommend making it around 5 cm big.

If you want to spice things up, you can instead go for our Wolf Paper Masks and turn your Watch Party into a masquerade ball worthy of a witcher. Download the files and print on heavier stock paper for best results:

Last, but not least… snacks! Because you can’t have a proper WitcherCon without something to nibble on. Together with Witcher Kitchen we came up with some quick & easy-to-make recipes for you, inspired by flavours of the Continent!

Butcher’s Vegetable Fries

Velen’s Popped Buckwheat 

Valley of Plenty Crackers

Kaer Morhen Mulled Potion 

You can find the full recipes here. And if you need some mugs for your drinks, check out what CD PROJEKT RED Gear has to offer. 

Are you ready now? See you during WitcherCon on July 9th!

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