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GWENT Art Contest Results

Hey everyone!

The second edition of our Art Contest has come to an end and we would like to thank you for taking part and sharing your incredible art with us.

The process of looking through the entries sparked a lot of joy, while the final decision-making process was extremely difficult.

There were a lot of entries that deserve the recognition but in the end, choices had to be made so without further ado, here are our Top 3!

3. Honor to the fallen by Martin Roca

With this beautiful and colorful piece of art, Martin Roca wins the GWENT Mug of six factions, Faction Pins and a GWENT lanyard.

2. Rosa var Attre by Raphael Slinka

This great depiction of the avid fencer Rosa var Attre rewards Raphael Slinka with a GWENT Mug of six factions, a Big Displate (Random Art), Faction Pins and a GWENT lanyard.

1. Nilfgaardian’s Wraith by Daria Egorova

This piece made us fall in love with the colors, detail, composition and so much more.

With this, Daria Egorova takes home a Wacom Cintiq Tablet, a GWENT Mug of six factions, and a Big Displate (Random Art).

Congratulations to the winners and another “Thank You” for taking part and sharing!

PS: There was so much awesome art that we will share some (a lot) of honorable mentions on Twitter over the next few weeks.

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