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GWENT Roadmap overview

For those of you who could not join in for today’s stream – don’t worry, we’ve got you covered! Here is the full recording of the stream:

And here is a short overview of our plans for GWENT: The Witcher Card Game:
  • First of all, we’re planning on introducing iterative changes to the game more frequently:
    • hotfixes – whenever needed
    • patches – every month
    • expansions – every few months
  • We won’t be “reinventing the wheel”, but instead we’ll focus on the feel and balance of the game. Some examples of the things we’re looking into right now:
    • reverting to the old system of mulligans per round 
    • balancing leaders with provision cost instead of number of mulligans
    • changing how the hand limit works 
  • As for the regular releases of new content, at the moment we’re preparing for the release of a December hotfix, addressing several bug fixes and performance issues on consoles. In January, we’ll add 5 new leaders to the game – leaders that you might already know from Thronebreaker. Next big expansion is scheduled for the end of March and it will include over 100 new cards. It will also add new mechanics to the game, but its main focus is to flesh out the existing archetypes.
  • Moving forward we’ll be focusing on improving the gameplay – to make it faster, smoother and well-balanced, introducing some “quality of life” updates such as the recent deck overview feature, and polishing the aesthetics (including adding more diverse themes that would still fit the world of the Witcher).
What’s next? Expect new updates in early 2019!

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