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Harvest of Sorrow Reveal Schedule

The reveal season for Harvest of Sorrow has already begun and players are excited to get a first look at what’s to come on October 5th.

You want to know where to find these fresh reveals? Look no further, this trusty article has you covered and will be updated daily!

Kicking off the reveals we had our own Community Managers sit down in the studio:

Following this initial reveal video, we now have 2 weeks full of reveals by our great GWENT Partners.

Here is the official reveal schedule:

21.09 – Scoia’tael

“Torque” by Euerfeldi

“Watcher of the Valley” by Hesser

22.09 – Nilfgaard

“Vilgefortz: Renegade” by Lerio2

“Imperial Practicioner” by Miketocome

23.09 – Nilfgaard

“Lydia van Bredevoort” by Callonetta

“Illusionist” by sHiikwOo

24.09 – Syndicate

“Purge” by Eydok

“The Brute” by Minotaurus11

27.09 – Syndicate

Reveal by Wangid

Reveal by Flo

28.09 – Skellige

Reveal by Wiedzmin

Reveal by 女装变态大佬

29.09 – Skellige

Reveal by Shinmiri

Reveal by Xibalba

30.09 – Monsters

Reveal by Peluchon

Reveal by CheddarPaul

01.10 – Monsters

Reveal by DrDenuz

Reveal by predvvx

02.10 – Northern Realms

Reveal by misterhabbla1

Reveal by Escanbryt

04.10 – Final Reveal video by us

After all 4 cards of a faction have been revealed, you will also find a reveal recap on our official GWENT twitter account.

And finally, you will also find all the reveals on our landing page, which is updated every evening.

We hope you enjoy this special time of the year!

PS: You will get your hands on these new cards on release day – October 5th!

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