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Humans regrouping after valiant fight. Servers not killed yet!

After a series of skirmishes and suffering some losses, server armies have managed to pierce human defenses and are advancing further down the Internets. We’ve contacted both the Server Unit Central Kommand and Humans, and asked for a comment. 

Server Cluster said: “Puny humans have tried to overpower us, but failed” and then quickly added that “the decisive battle is yet to come on Tuesday.” 

“Next time we meet, we plan on taking prisoners and overclocking them without using sufficient heat dispersal.” 
“Maybe we’ll gather them in one place and ask to run below 60 FPS.” 

Asked for a comment, a human representative stated humanity is preparing entirely new decks and factions. 

“We’re preparing entirely new decks and factions.” 
“Also, we’ll be attacking at different hours and recruiting new troops — the servers must die!”

A GWENT technical stress test event, Kill the Servers! Round 2 is expected to start on September 27th at 8PM CEST and end at 12AM CEST

Visit and grab your pitchfork now!

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