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Iorveth – hero presentation

Iorveth, much like Letho of Gulet, is a well known hero to all those who played The Witcher 2: Assassins of Kings. An elven rebel and the leader of the Scoia’tael commando, Iorveth is an unmatched archer who excels in teamfights, but still can be very dangerous in 1 on 1 situations. His abilities allow him to slow down groups of enemies and focus heavy damage on just one target. His passive skill, Focused Senses, effectively changes his resource from mana to Focus. Focus is being used to fuel Iorveth’s skills, but at an expense of normal attack strenght. It can recharge quickly, but players need to decide if they want to deal damage with skills or auto-attacks.

Driven by Hatred is Iorveth’s primary skill for dealing damage. The hero releases a volley of three consecutive shots, each stronger than the previous one. Driven by Hatred is a skillshot, which means that you have to lead your target to land a successful shot.
Squirrel’s Mark is an Area of Effect (AoE) attack, which works in two phases. First, Iroveth marks all the opponents in a given area. After roughly 3 seconds of delay, a hail of arrows falls from the sky, damaging and slowing down all enemies in the influenced area. It’s worth mentioning that the damage will sum up if the marked targets are close to each other.
Vendetta is Iorveth’s special skill. The hero disappears for a short while, only to reappear near the enemy and deal a powerful blow with his two scimitars, stunning them a second. If Iorveth manages to kill an enemy with Vendetta, then the cooldown of the skill is reduced by half. There is one more thing to this unique ability – since it basically makes Iorveth teleport to a spot (he only attacks if there is an enemy in range) he can use Vendetta as an escape tool, too.

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