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Language packs, future game and Community support

Dear fans,

The Polish and English voice-over language packs are available for downloading. You can get them from here:

– Polish

– English

Additionally, all The Witcher 2 users can change the Text Language of the game to the one that suits them best by updating to patch 1.2. Patch 1.2 includes the text strings for all the language versions of the game.

Moreover, we would like to assure you that announcing the Xbox 360 version of the game does not mean discontinuing support for the PC version. We read your comments, we listen to your opinions and we are working hard on the patch. Among other fixes the patch 1.3 will add support for 4:3 resolutions.

One more urgent matter needs addressing as well. The work on putting up our new forum takes a long time − much too long − and trust us, we are waiting for it as eagerly as you are. Our official site is being developed by an external company and we did not foresee the problems that ensued. Since the game’s premiere we are trying to reach out to all The Witcher 2 users and provide them with answers to their questions. It would be much easier for us to communicate with you and provide fast and efficient support if we had a forum.  We definitely hope that this inconvenient situation will come to an end soon.

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