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Language packs

We are currently working on the issues with the language packs in the DLCs. You might be able to download packs already but fully working solution should be available in the next five hours.

UPDATE: We have updated the configuration of the DLC. Some of you may still experience problems with listing/downloading the DLC. This is not the servers fault and we seem to know what the problem is. We need some time to provide you with a solution. This doesn’t affect registration/activation and if you experience problems with these: please contact our tech support.

UPDATE: Some of you seem to have problems connecting – we are looking at the issue

UPDATE: Fans, it seems that we have solved the issue. The launcher should no longer give you info with the connection problem. From the logs we see that no more connection problems exist but can you confirm this? Are you having trouble connecting? And sorry with the long response – we had to focus on the issue.

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