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Letho of Gulet – hero presentation

Letho of Gulet – a witcher, a mighty warrior also known as The Kingslayer. Letho is a fantastic tank (i.e. a warrior whose main occupation is to keep enemies busy) and is very efficient against mages.

He excels in one-on-one fights, in which, thanks to his QUEN sign, he can sustain a fair number of magical and physical damage. It’s also worth mentioning that his shield, rather than just decreasing damage by a fixed amount, takes the full blow of a given enemy skill and allows Letho to remains unscathed as long as the spell is active. In practice, this means that each layer of QUEN (quantity depending on the ability level) will completely absorb both a mere hand-to-hand attack performed by a mage, as well as a powerful spell that would otherwise take half of Letho’s HP.
Letho’s AARD sign is a “crowd control” ability. CC (short for Crowd Control) is usually used to stun, displace and slow down opponents, and it can play a pivotal role in a fight. If cast at the right time, the AARD Sign can put an enemy right in the middle of your group, allowing others to finish him or her off quickly. On the other hand, if used without thinking, it can facilitate an enemy’s escape, or move them away from a friendly offensive spell’s area of effect.

Cleave, Letho’s special skill, is a perfect finisher ability. You can use it to finish off fleeing and wounded enemies. Cleave makes Letho become invisible for a short period of time, and also gives him a huge speed boost. The witcher can then easily catch up with his enemy, and dispose of them with one powerful strike. Cleave, just like AARD, should be used with great consideration. It’s an awesome finishing move, but it can also be used as an escape tool, which will save your skin on multiple occasions. There is one more aspect of Cleave you need to be aware of – when used, it silences the enemy making him or her unable to use abilities for a short time. Thanks to this, Letho can also take the role of an initiator – a fighter who spearheads the fight, taking the most dangerous enemy out of the equation first.

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