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Maintenance break

Dear Fans!

We ask for a little bit of your patience while we make some adjustments and optimizations to the servers hosting The Witcher 2.

Planned time of the downtime: 23:30

Planned downtime: 40 minutes

Problems that may occur:

– new users won’t be able to register the game

– users won’t be able to download the DLCs (lang packs, patch, addons)


– all users

We apologize you for any inconvenience and will do our best to bring back the services working ASAP.

UPDATE – 00:16CET: We are currently moving over 1 million files to the new folders structure on the server which will speed up the filesystem a little bit. This takes longer than anticipated but we are working hard. BTW USA, how’s the weather?

UPDATE – 00:39 CET: Thanks for the kind words! As for those less kind – please believe us that we are here not to spoil your experience with the game. In fact – if you already have registered the game you can play and the thing we are doing won’t affect you. As for the rest – terribly sorry but please try to understand that this wait is just for us to provide a few fixes that will guarantee no downtimes in the future if more and more players will want to play the game.

UPDATE – 1:00 CET: Okay, we are almost done. Whew. Triss takes the shower, go look! And we are moving the files to the new structure. We need to recode them once again. We’ll give you an estimate on the time required for the service to be brought back to life once we start the process. Hopefully this will take less than her make-up.

UPDATE – 1:34 CET: We are slowly opening the servers. We need to check if that works as planned. You may be able to register and start downloading the DLC but we also may disable them once again. BTW, which tune from the Witcher 2 OST is your favorite? Triss shouts: thanks for the patience guys! (and girls)

UPDATE – 1:48 CETAnd we’re back. The servers are up. Thanks for your patience and terribly sorry for the delay in the delay – I herd that you like loops so I put a inifinite loop in your infinite loop so you can loop while you loop. Happy howling Witchers! Merigold? Where did that girl go…

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