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Meet the Challenger #3 participants — Part 1

by Sean “Swim” Huguenard

Challenger is getting closer and closer, and while we’ve already talked about what decks you can expect to see, the time has come to talk about the players! The most important thing to any GWENT event are the people competing. Even though most of them should be fairly known by now, there are still a few names you might not be familiar with. Today, I’m presenting you with a very brief rundown of where our players come from and what they’ve done to get here! 

You may remember the first contestant from our recent interview. It’s the Polish Tailgod himself! TailBot is best known for his cocky attitude — a running joke people are compelled to watch. He saw some success in the last Open by making sure to soft target some of the more meta decks, and he may very well do it again. His favorite card in the game is, of course, Scoia’tael’s Wardancer.

Next, we have an absolute Closed Beta veteran from Russia. Cmel, known for creating a concept of drypassing very early in the game’s lifespan, was the single person to go for Skellige in many of the Closed Beta’s metas and often held top spots on the ladder.

Third, Hanachan — the master of meta calls. Bringing decks that would soon become staples such as Alchemy and Greatswords, Hanachan was the winner of GWENT Open 4, and runner-up in the second Challenger, after getting reverse swept by a very confident TailBot. This event, Hanachan is looking to bring victory to China and his Chinese sponsor, Huya.

You probably wouldn’t paint Freddybabes, the winner of the second GWENT Open, second Challenger, and first Gwentslam, as someone who always attempts to play, what he considers, joke decks. This English player has halted his University studies in order to play GWENT, so expect him to be performing his best!

That’s all for now, stay on the lookout for Part 2 where we cover Adzikov, SuperJJ, I_aPOROgize, and Kolemoen!

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