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New content UPDATE is LIVE!

The first content update for The Witcher Battle Arena is now live! It introduces the Succubus–a new playable character–as well as lots of balance changes to many in-game items, and new legendary skins for some of the heroes.

Patch notes for content update #1:
– a new character has been added to the game, the Succubus (read more about her here);
– legendary and epic item stats have been rebalanced;
– new legendary skins have been added for Succubus, Operator and Letho;
– new weapons have been added for Succubus and Operator;
– gloves, belts and boots for Succubus and Geralt can now be obtained;
– several stability fixes have been implemented;
– enabled iPad mini Generation 1 and iPhone 4S devices, however we cannot guarantee stability on these devices.
If you haven’t tried The Witcher Battle Arena yet, join over one million people who downloaded the game and get it now for FREE. It’s available for selected Android and iOS devices.

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