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Holiday twitter giveaway!

Happy Holidays everyone! We’re giving out free digital copies of the Witcher 2 today (courtesy of All you have to do is to follow us on twitter (@witchergame) and tweet: “@witchergame All I want for Christmas is #Witcher”
We will pick two random followers and give them a free copy of the game. The deadline is tomorrow (23rd December) at 10 GMT. Don’t worry if you lose – tomorrow we’re having another giveaway!

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Get The Witcher for free with the purchase of The Witcher 2 at has launched a 48 hour sale of The Witcher 2. Starting now, you can get Assassins of Kings for just $23.99 – with The Witcher 1 for free! It’s a fantastic opportunity to celebrate holidays by giving that special someone in your gaming life over a hundred hours of RPG greatness, or pick it up for yourself, if you haven’t yet.

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A thank you note

December is here, so it’s time for all sorts of award ceremonies and conclusions. We have managed to win a few in lately, like Fun & Serious Game Festival (European PC game, best European RPG and for the best game scripts) and Whatifgaming (Best PC Game, Best Graphics Technology, Best Artistic Design, Best Voice Acting). We would like to thank you all for your continued support for our game and the team.

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Thanksgiving and Black Friday giveaway on Twitter!

Why doesn’t the turkey gobble? Cause you ate him for Thanksgiving, and good for you! But you can still tweet! It’s time for our Thanksgiving and Black Friday Twitter giveaway!
The rules are simple:
1.Start following our account on Twitter (@witchergame)
2.Compose a tweet in which you finish the following phrase: “@witchergame #Geralt is awesome, because…”
3.We will randomly choose three tweets sent before Friday 10 p.m. (EST/GMT -5) and contact winners via Direct Message on Monday. The lucky ones will receive exclusive mousepads, courtesy of Razer Poland.
Please remember to include #Geralt and @witchergame in your tweets to be eligible to enter.
As simple as that! Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

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Patch 2.1 is out!

We have just released a small patch improving communication between game installations and the registration server as well as Arena Leaderboards. We have also introduced a number of corrections to The Witcher 2 configuration tool. The game launcher will automatically update any new installation of the game to version 2.1. If you encounter difficulties with the automatic update, please refer to our support section for manual download link.

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Investor’s Day – Summary

Investor’s Day is wrapping up as we speak, but we’ve already prepared a short summary of everything that you need to know about CD Projekt RED’s plans for the next four years.

-The Witcher 2 for Xbox 360 is scheduled for release in Q1 of 2012
-All future, major releases will be multi-platform (at least two platforms)
-RED Studio will be working on two different AAA+ projects simultaneously
-Next, two big games are coming out respectively in 2014 and 2015
-There will be two other releases in the meantime
-Studio will continue to develop and work on its own technology called REDengine
-CDR will continue making games for mature audience with complex, non-linear story

That’s all what we have for now but there are more events like this coming in the future, so we will have more details for you as they become available. Additionally, here’s a summary done by Polygamia.

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Investor’s Day 2011 live stream

The Investor’s Day 2011 live stream from CD Projekt’s HQ will be available in Polish on CDP RED’s website and, starting at 10.15 (GMT +1) the 17th Novemeber. The company’s board will present a 4 year strategy plan for the entire CD Projekt RED group. Those of you who know Polish will be able to learn about the future of each company i.e. the CD Projekt RED development studio, the digital distribution platform and the Polish brick and mortar distributor of movies and games – CD Projekt. Later on Thursday we’ll publish a full report about the Investor’s Day conference, so stay tuned!

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Full Combat Rebalance MOD for the first Witcher game

Our colleague, and one of the most dedicated modders, known among the community as Flash, has just released a huge update for his biggest mod to the first Witcher game. It’s called Full Combat Rebalance 1.5 and as stated by its title, it changes almost everything about the combat system. FCR is Flash’s second go at The Witcher’s combat and judging by his previous work called Flash Mod, you can expect only the finest. If you were thinking about replaying our first game and were seeking for a new challenge, look no further. You can download FCR Mod here. We also encourage everyone to discuss FCR in its official thread on our message boards.

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Halloween Competition Results

We would like to thank everyone who participated in our Halloween competition. As always, our community went above and beyond the call of duty and literally flooded our inbox with loads and loads of pictures of great costumes. It was really tough to pick the winners, so we decided to reward 4 of the best contestants. Each one of you will be receiving a bag of Witcher goodies from us. Click on the names to see pictures:

Emilie as Triss

Yuikami as a female version of Vernon Roche

Axel as a minstrel teasing a Blue Stripes’ War Dog

Michał as Egan/Auckes

You have to admit that these costumes are pretty impressive. Just a quick glance at those pictures is enough to see how much time and preparations went into creating those amazing outfits. Once again, congratulations!

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CD Projekt RED to work with FNAM Chamber Choir

CD Projekt RED Studio is proud to announce that it’s started working with internationally renowned and award-winning FNAM Chamber Choir from Bydgoszcz. At this moment, we can’t give you any more details, but stay alert because we might shed a little bit more light on this feature quite soon. In the meantime, feel free to visit Choir’s official website, where you can learn about their history and get familiar with some of their work.

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