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Did You buy the game and still cannot play it? Express help to be found here!

We are still finding posts and comments in which people report that their serial codes don’t work, or that they have CRC errors during installation and therefore cannot play the game at all! For us, as developers, this is absolutely the WORST CASE. Just like you, we would hate paying money for something and then not being able to enjoy it.

Therefore, we set up a special tech support line dedicated ONLY to help ing any of you who still cannot run the game. Please write to us at:, and we will do our best to answer you ASAP.

Your very busy tech support team.

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For advanced users only! Manual ZERO Patch Download.

This is not a complete solution for all installation problems, but it may help, especially in the situation when, after typing your SecuROM key, the game does not download the patch. In order to fix this, you need to do the following:

1. Download our offline patch from

* if you have a digital version of the game

* if you have the English, French, Italian, German or Spanish version of the game

* if you have the Polish version of the game

* if you have the Czech version of the game

* if you have the Hungarian version of the game

* if you have the Taiwanese version of the game

2. Run the file with patch.

After this, the only thing you need to do to start the game is to activate it on the SecuROM servers, which you can do by typing in your SecuROM key. We hope this helps some of you.

Fellowship of the… err… the Tech support team,

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Information for everyone still experiencing technical difficulties

We would like to inform you that our server infrastructure is fully functional. At the same time we are still working on further improving it. Our target is to have it absolutely bullet proof very soon.

Right now, we are also doing everything we can to resolve the current issues. We increased the size of our tech support team to nearly 20 people, but despite this, we still have some unanswered e-mails. The game is selling faster than anyone expected – right now, hundreds of thousands of people across the globe are already playing The Witcher 2! So please excuse us as if we are a little overwhelmed by your requests, but we do intend to reply to all your e-mails as quickly as possible.

Moreover, we are about to finish work on a patch that will address some common issues like mouse inversion and key mapping as well as many others. It will be ready next week!

In the meantime, if you are still experiencing problems and would like to discuss them publicly, please do so as comments to this news post. Our team will be answering your questions here.

In the name of the whole team, we apologize from the bottom of our hearts, to everyone who cannot enjoy the game as intended. We promise that we will keep on working to make everything absolutely perfect! Watch for more news coming soon.

UPDATE: Triss says: “hi!”. She noticed that we have some issues with the DLC atm. We’re bashing the slaves already. Stay tuned. Oh, and BTW. It’s easier for us to say that the servers are down but in fact they aren’t. They are simply stubborn and don’t want to work accordingly to the plan.

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Four Launch Trailers Now Added

All of our launch trailers are now available here on our site. Three comprise a set highlighting the extensive range of emotions players will experience. Entitled Hope, Disdain & Fear and Love & Blood, each does so in a distinctive way by creating a unique musical mood and presenting a different selection of situations and scenes. Another video employs a touch of humor while posing a question many of Geralt’s adversaries will ask themselves, but fail to answer – How to Kill a Witcher.

Check out all four on the Trailers page where our fifth launch trailer, World of The Witcher 2, was posted last week.

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Troll Trouble DLC Trailer

We released the first DLC 4 Free content earlier this week to coincide with The Witcher 2’s international arrival at retail. It added a new side quest called Troll Trouble. If you’d like a glimpse at what it involves, check it out on the gameplay video page.

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Frequent questions and night servers update raport

Dear Fans!

We’d like to answer some of the questions you are asking:
My CDKEY is not in the database.Please send us the key you are trying to use at

CDKEY is invalidTry changing the 0 (zeros) into O (capital o letter, like “okay, now it works”) or the other way round

I can’t log in to the Witcher 1 accountPlease be patient as we bring this feature back. It should be available soon

CDP has removed all of our old accounts No, we haven’t. There were a lot of changes before the game start and we had to change the databases. But we will try to merge all old accounts with the newly registered ones

Will the forums be back online?Yes! We are also working on this. It looks as we will be doing final tests on Wednesday and if all goes well, we will bring the forums back online shortly after

Also, if you are writing to the support, please provide us with the key you are using. This may speed the whole process up.

As for the midnight update – it’s always a difficult decision to put servers down as there is always some risk involved. The current infrastructure consists of over 16 core machines and two external datacenters. We work on master machine which propagates the changes to slaver machines and to external datacenters. This takes some time, especially that the DLC and the registration clusters have a lot of encoded files. Today we also had to decode and encode all of those files for the move and this took most of the time.

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A friendly warning

It has been brought to our attention that some people are attempting to sell The Witcher 2 activation codes without the actual game or the additional content included in legitimate copies. Such codes are of unknown origin, and there is a high possibility that they will not work. CD Projekt RED will not provide technical support for these copies. We advise you not to buy an activation code alone since The Witcher 2 is not legitimately available this way.

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Language packs

We are currently working on the issues with the language packs in the DLCs. You might be able to download packs already but fully working solution should be available in the next five hours.
UPDATE: We have updated the configuration of the DLC. Some of you may still experience problems with listing/downloading the DLC. This is not the servers fault and we seem to know what the problem is. We need some time to provide you with a solution. This doesn’t affect registration/activation and if you experience problems with these: please contact our tech support.
UPDATE: Some of you seem to have problems connecting – we are looking at the issue
UPDATE: Fans, it seems that we have solved the issue. The launcher should no longer give you info with the connection problem. From the logs we see that no more connection problems exist but can you confirm this? Are you having trouble connecting? And sorry with the long response – we had to focus on the issue.

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The Witcher 2 Now Available At Retail

CD Projekt RED, a studio dedicated to the creation of fully immersive non-linear RPGs, is very proud to announce that The Witcher 2: Assassins of Kings has arrived at retail. The content-rich Premium Edition can now be found on store shelves around the world, and limited quantities of the lavish Collector’s Edition are still available in some regions. In addition, fans who prefer the convenience of downloading can opt for the Digital Premium Edition. You can find more information at

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Maintenance break

Dear Fans!

We ask for a little bit of your patience while we make some adjustments and optimizations to the servers hosting The Witcher 2.

Planned time of the downtime: 23:30
Planned downtime: 40 minutes

Problems that may occur:
– new users won’t be able to register the game
– users won’t be able to download the DLCs (lang packs, patch, addons)

– all users

We apologize you for any inconvenience and will do our best to bring back the services working ASAP.

UPDATE – 00:16CET: We are currently moving over 1 million files to the new folders structure on the server which will speed up the filesystem a little bit. This takes longer than anticipated but we are working hard. BTW USA, how’s the weather?

UPDATE – 00:39 CET: Thanks for the kind words! As for those less kind – please believe us that we are here not to spoil your experience with the game. In fact – if you already have registered the game you can play and the thing we are doing won’t affect you. As for the rest – terribly sorry but please try to understand that this wait is just for us to provide a few fixes that will guarantee no downtimes in the future if more and more players will want to play the game.

UPDATE – 1:00 CET: Okay, we are almost done. Whew. Triss takes the shower, go look! And we are moving the files to the new structure. We need to recode them once again. We’ll give you an estimate on the time required for the service to be brought back to life once we start the process. Hopefully this will take less than her make-up.

UPDATE – 1:34 CET: We are slowly opening the servers. We need to check if that works as planned. You may be able to register and start downloading the DLC but we also may disable them once again. BTW, which tune from the Witcher 2 OST is your favorite? Triss shouts: thanks for the patience guys! (and girls)

UPDATE – 1:48 CETAnd we’re back. The servers are up. Thanks for your patience and terribly sorry for the delay in the delay – I herd that you like loops so I put a inifinite loop in your infinite loop so you can loop while you loop. Happy howling Witchers! Merigold? Where did that girl go…

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Technical Difficulties

We are aware of the issues some of you are having, and we are working hard to resolve them. In case you are having other difficulties, please refer to our FAQ to see if a solution has already been posted there. If not, feel free to contact our tech support at

If you feel like sharing and discussing your problem with other users, you can also try putting a comment to this news post as we will answer questions here as well. We are here 24/7, and we are responding to tickets as quickly as we can.

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A Plethora of Profiles

In a series of three articles posted last week at Destructoid, we revealed profiles containing information, screenshots and concept art for five female characters in The Witcher 2, six males and five creatures. Check them all out:

Female characters

Male characters


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