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The Witcher 2 reviews from around the world

For those of you who wonder how game publications have evaluated your favorite game so far, we’ve compiled a list of reviews from many parts of the globe, including the latest ones spotted today.

3DJuegos(Spain) 9.4/10
Bit-tech(UK) 95%
CD-Action(Poland) 9+/10
Cheat Code Central(US) 4.5/5
Cynamite(Germany) 9/10
Destructoid(US) 6/10 Republic) 9/10
Eurogamer(UK) 9/10
Eurogamer Italy(Italy) 9/10 9.6/10
GamesRadar(US) 10/10
Game Reactor(Norway) 10/10
Games Aktuelle(Germany) 9/10
GameBlog.Fr(France) 5/5
Gamesradar(US) 10/10
Game Informer(US) 9.25/10
Game Reactor(UK, Denmark, Spain) 9/10
Game Reactor(Germany) 9/10
Game Reactor(Sweden) 9/10
Game Reactor(Finland) 9/10
Game Shard(US) 10/10
GamePro(US) 5/5
GameSpy(UK) 9/10
GameSpot(US) 9/10
GameStar(Germany) 87/100
GameTrailers(US) 9.4/10
Gamezilla(Poland) 9/10
Gry OnLine(Poland) 9.5/10
Gry.onet(Poland) 9.5/10 Republic) 9/10
IGN(US) 9/10
Joystick(France) 19/20
Meristation(Spain) 9.5/10 9.2/10
NeoSeeker(US) 9/10
NOWGamer(UK) 8.4/10
Pelit(Finland) 93/100
PC Gamer(US/UK) 89/100
PC Format(UK) 92/100
PC Games(Germany) 88%
PC Guru(Hungary) 92%
RPG France(France) 10/10
SpazioGames(Italy) 9.1/10
Strategyinformer(UK) 9/10
The Onion A.V. Club(US) 9.1/10
Videogamer(UK) 9/10
XGN(Holland) 9.3/10 Republic) 9/10

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Żywiołak’s music in The Witcher 2

As we mentioned previously, CD Projekt RED is collaborating with the Polish folk rock group Żywioł‚ak, whose music is featured in The Witcher 2; you can hear it at the very beginning of the game. Here’s a fun fact; you can encounter an elemental monster in the game – and guess what the Polish word for elemental is. Yes, it’s Żywiołak! Learn more about the group here.

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Waiting for the patch – updating the servers

We are currently updating the servers and preparing for the incoming patch release. We will be posting updates on this issue.
UPDATE: The servers are up but we predict another downtime today. It shouldn’t take more than an hour and we will inform about it.

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Patch 1.1 is coming next week

Patch 1.1 is nearing completion and will be available shortly. It will address a number of issues reported by players such as keymapping, inverting the mouse, sudden crashes, problems with activation, difficulties with the game`s DLC, and more. 

Also, have a look at some of the most common issues and possible solutions: 

Difficulties with activation code
There have been quite a few instances that involved entering the number zero (0); you should use the capital letter “o” (O). Also there have been cases where the number one (1), the lower-case letter “el” (l) and the capital letter “eye” (I) have been mixed up. Please try all possible permutations. 

CRC Errors when installing the game
1) Please make sure that any antivirus software is disabled during the installation process.
2) It’s possible that your DVD drive is not compatible with DVD9 standard. Please manually copy the files to your HDD and try to install the game from there, with antivirus software disabled.
3) If this doesn’t work, please try and install the game on another machine – also trying to copy the files manually and disabling any antivirus software. 
4) If the above does not help and the DVD disc is in fact damaged, please ask for a refund at the store where bought the game. If this is not satisfactory, please contact us at
Game doesn’t start, goes back to launcher

Please try the following possible solutions:
1) Turn all settings to Application-Controlled in the Catalyst Control Center.
2) Disable the second GPU from Crossfire configurations until ATI officially adds support for The Witcher 2 in Catalyst drivers. 
3) Try running the game in windowed mode. 
4) Run the game with horizontal resolution no higher than than 1920, and set the desktop to the same resolution as the game.
5) Ensure that the game was installed with administrator privileges – Windows UAC settings set to minimum or setup.exe from DVD opened with

Also: Go to User Account Control Settings.

Type in UAC, or go to the System and Security applet.
Click on the “Change User Account Control Settings” link.
(You can also type in this command from the Run menu: C:WindowsSystem32UserAccountControlSettings.exe)
To turn off UAC, move the slider to the Never Notify position, and then click OK. If you’re prompted for an administrator password or confirmation, type the password or provide confirmation. 
Poor performance on a high-end GPU
Please install the latest drivers for your graphic card, and for nVidia cards, uninstall 3D Vision.
If you are experiencing low efficiency, please make sure you have disabled UberSampling in the game’s graphic configuration in the Launcher. If you have an nVidia graphics card, please update your driver to the 275.27 beta as of May 17th.

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Troll Trouble in Trouble

We are currently experiencing problems with the Troll Trouble DLC. We are working on a solution for this problem. Good news is that the solution to this problem should solve all recent problems with the DLC. The bad news is that there is the problem.

UPDATE 1:57 AM CET: We’ve returned to the old way of serving the DLC but this doesn’t mean that it solves everything. Most of you will be able to download the DLC. Some of you probably won’t. We know what’s the problem – it resolves around the DLC CRC being cached but can’t do much about it at this very moment. This issue is very important for us as we understand how you feel. We will try to address this issue with a support software in the mean time and this problem should be solved finally with the incoming Patch1 – early next week.

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Problems with the DLC

Some of you may still experience problems with the DLCs – Troll Trouble and others as well. The problem is based on the bad CRC being loaded in the Launcher and cached on your local machine. Because with each connection the Launcher prefers the cache not the server – you can’t download the DLC as there is CRC mismatch.

We are aware of that problem and we have a solution already prepared in the upcoming patch.

Until that we ask you kindly not to download the DLCs until the patch release as it won’t work without it.

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Meet Roche, Triss, Zoltan and Iorweth

We’ve now added four character videos to our site. Each is about a different character who plays a significant role in The Witcher 2. Vernon Roche leads the Blue Stripes, Temeria’s elite special forces. Sorceress Triss Merigold is Geralt’s trusted companion, confidante and lover. The stocky dwarf Zoltan Chivay is another of his closest friends, while Iorweth is the crafty, elusive leader of the Scoia’tael guerrillas. Meet them all in the Gameplay Videos section.

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The Witcher 2 Discussions

While our forums are down we encourage you to discuss The Witcher 2 on other message boards like Neogaf and You can find solutions to many problems regarding installation and activation process as well as some other questions you might have about the game. You can read up on different system configurations as well as find possible solutions to most common issues like game crashes, sound errors, etc.

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Did You buy the game and still cannot play it? Express help to be found here!

We are still finding posts and comments in which people report that their serial codes don’t work, or that they have CRC errors during installation and therefore cannot play the game at all! For us, as developers, this is absolutely the WORST CASE. Just like you, we would hate paying money for something and then not being able to enjoy it.

Therefore, we set up a special tech support line dedicated ONLY to help ing any of you who still cannot run the game. Please write to us at:, and we will do our best to answer you ASAP.

Your very busy tech support team.

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For advanced users only! Manual ZERO Patch Download.

This is not a complete solution for all installation problems, but it may help, especially in the situation when, after typing your SecuROM key, the game does not download the patch. In order to fix this, you need to do the following:

1. Download our offline patch from

* if you have a digital version of the game

* if you have the English, French, Italian, German or Spanish version of the game

* if you have the Polish version of the game

* if you have the Czech version of the game

* if you have the Hungarian version of the game

* if you have the Taiwanese version of the game

2. Run the file with patch.

After this, the only thing you need to do to start the game is to activate it on the SecuROM servers, which you can do by typing in your SecuROM key. We hope this helps some of you.

Fellowship of the… err… the Tech support team,

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Information for everyone still experiencing technical difficulties

We would like to inform you that our server infrastructure is fully functional. At the same time we are still working on further improving it. Our target is to have it absolutely bullet proof very soon.

Right now, we are also doing everything we can to resolve the current issues. We increased the size of our tech support team to nearly 20 people, but despite this, we still have some unanswered e-mails. The game is selling faster than anyone expected – right now, hundreds of thousands of people across the globe are already playing The Witcher 2! So please excuse us as if we are a little overwhelmed by your requests, but we do intend to reply to all your e-mails as quickly as possible.

Moreover, we are about to finish work on a patch that will address some common issues like mouse inversion and key mapping as well as many others. It will be ready next week!

In the meantime, if you are still experiencing problems and would like to discuss them publicly, please do so as comments to this news post. Our team will be answering your questions here.

In the name of the whole team, we apologize from the bottom of our hearts, to everyone who cannot enjoy the game as intended. We promise that we will keep on working to make everything absolutely perfect! Watch for more news coming soon.

UPDATE: Triss says: “hi!”. She noticed that we have some issues with the DLC atm. We’re bashing the slaves already. Stay tuned. Oh, and BTW. It’s easier for us to say that the servers are down but in fact they aren’t. They are simply stubborn and don’t want to work accordingly to the plan.

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Four Launch Trailers Now Added

All of our launch trailers are now available here on our site. Three comprise a set highlighting the extensive range of emotions players will experience. Entitled Hope, Disdain & Fear and Love & Blood, each does so in a distinctive way by creating a unique musical mood and presenting a different selection of situations and scenes. Another video employs a touch of humor while posing a question many of Geralt’s adversaries will ask themselves, but fail to answer – How to Kill a Witcher.

Check out all four on the Trailers page where our fifth launch trailer, World of The Witcher 2, was posted last week.

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