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GWENT Challenger #4: The Greed of an An Craite

This weekend saw GWENT Challenger #4 live from Ard Skellig itself where Skellige clan members grabbed their swords, shields and polished their axes to take part in some intense battles. All for a purple and silver encrusted ring — certainly a nice trophy to snag! In addition to a new hosting duo — the dashing Ashlizzle and suave WatchFlake — Shinmiri also joined Swim on the analyst desk. A broadcast team of this capacity, combined with some of the world’s best GWENT players, made for one of the best events yet. And the greediest too, but I’ll leave that discussion for the analysts!

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GWENT Challenger #4 Power Rankings

One of the most anticipated GWENT tournaments is due to start off with a bang this weekend, and I think it’s fair to assume this is one of the most stacked tournaments in GWENT’s history. Challenger #4 is the 10th official tournament in the GWENT Masters circuit, and it’ll host a stellar lineup of players, with four past GWENT Masters champions, a winner of GwentSlam, two seasoned competitors and only one tournament rookie. 

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Pro Ladder ends!

As we announced earlier this year, it was the last Pro Ladder season before the Project: Homecoming is complete. But worry not – competitive GWENT seasons will come back together with the release of the game!


Aethr3n, The New Challenger

A Viking-themed GWENT Challenger #4 promises one of the most anticipated tournaments of the circuit, a stellar lineup of hardened veteran competitors and a diverse meta. The tournament, held on September 1st and 2nd, will serve as battlegrounds for a grand total of four returning GWENT Masters champions: TailBot, AndyWand, Hanachan and Kolemoen. Damorquis and returning veteran GameKing will surely serve some much anticipated tournament spice with their unique decklists, and ProNEO arrives with voracious ambition following his recent finals appearance in GWENT Open #6. 

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Skellige or Nilfgaard?

New Faction Challenge begins! Who will emerge victorious this week – the warriors of Skellige or the knights of Nilfgaard? Choose your favourite faction and aid them in battle!