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Spring Conference Summary

CD Projekt RED Group Spring Conference brings a bundle of news from Witcher 2 developers and get tons of free spring fun, with an iOS comic, 1000 free review copies of their upcoming Xbox 360 adaptation, a backup copy on for all Witcher 2 owners, and a pre-download of the Enhanced Edition patch for PC.


Review The Witcher 2

Calling gaming enthusiasts from all over the world! We’ve decided that we want you to review the Enhanced Edition of The Witcher 2: Assassins of Kings on Xbox 360!


2nd-impact interviews Lucjan Więcek

Belgian website 2nd-impact recently talked to our Lead Level Artist, Lucjan Więcek about his work on Enhanced Edition, his beginnings as a graphic artist among other interesting topics. You can read the whole interview here – there are two versions, English and French.


New videos for Xbox users

Today we have some new vidoes for all you Xbox 360 users who are connected to Xbox LIVE. European gamers can watch the newest episode of The Nexus, where hosts Andy Farrant and Dan Maher talk about the upcoming Enhanced Edition of The Witcher 2. Our American friends can also learn more about the game – one of the Insider Movies is focused solely on Assassins of Kings and offers an extensive preview of what’s to come on April 17. To view these videos simply head over to the Inside Xbox tab on your dashboard. Aforementioned movies should also appear on shortly.


New video: What is a witcher?

Check out this new video detailing the history of the legendary class of monster slayers known as the witchers. Why are the witchers able to drink poisonous potions? Why do they wield two types of swords? Why are they the masters of combat? All these questions are answered in the latest video released by the creators of the game.


The Witcher 2 February Press event – video

Check out this new video from The Witcher 2: Assassins of Kings Enhanced Edition Press Event that took place in February at beautiful Hever Castle in Kent. This historic venue was the perfect site for media representatives from Europe to get a hands-on experience with our upcoming Xbox 360 title. Watch the material here and find out what journalists think about the game.

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