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Patch 3.1 Patch Notes

Check out the full list of changes coming to GWENT with Patch 3.1!

  • All Premium Cards from the Syndicate expansion are now available in-game
  • Reworked filters in deckbuilder. Now text search is smarter in finding a match for text in cards, i.e. won’t show all cards with “damage” when searching for “mage” cards
  • Redesigned reward popup lets you page through full list of rewards, and allows you to go directly to open new kegs if you receive any
  • Kegs can now be opened faster by clicking anywhere on the screen or by pressing the X / A button (PS4 / Xbox) to open the next keg in your inventory
  • Syndicate gang leaders demanded respect; their Reward Book icon will now have “Syndicate” written under it
  • Message tab removed from social panel until we find a better use for it
  • Reach removed from all cards: Starys of Spalla, Nivellen, Wolf Pack, Dudu, Regis: Bloodlust, Carlo Varese, Lambert: Swordmaster, Dandelion: Vainglory, Cockatrice, Wild Hunt Hound, Wyvern, Wild Hunt Warrior, Cyclops, Adda: Striga, Imlerith, Alba Spearman, Impera Enforcers, Mangonel, Nauzicaa Brigade, Master of Disguise, Blue Mountain Elite, Dwarven Skirmisher, Elven Wardancer, Panther, Yaevinn, Sheldon Skaggs, Dimun Light Longship, An Craite Warrior, Dimun Corsair, Dimun Pirate Captain, Dimun warship, An Craite Longship, Sigvald, Madman Lugos, Ulfhedinn, Hvitr and Aelydia
  • These Northern Realms cards with reworked abilities will have full mill value for 5 days:
    • John Natalis
    • Winch
    • Bombardment (previously known as Trebuchet)
    • Bloody Flail
    • Foltest’s Pride
    • Battering Ram
    • Siege Tower
    • Siege Master
    • Siege Support
    • Keira Metz
    • Dethmold
    • Damned Sorceress
    • Ban Ard Tutor
    • Roche: Merciless
    • Bloody Baron
    • Mad Kiyan (previously known as Kiyan)
    • Falibor
    • Thaler 
    • Hubert Rejk
    • Prince Stennis
    • Odrin
    • Reynard Odo
    • Forbidden Magic
    • Kaedweni Cavalry
    • Temerian Drummer
    • Dun Banner
    • Rivian Pikeman
    • Black Rayla

New Features
  • New Syndicate Leader available in-game
  • Syndicate Leader Trees & Skins added to reward book
  • New Products availabe in the shop:
    • Passiflora Bundle
    •  Season of the Elves Bundle (available for a limited time – August)
  • Special Arena Mode Weekend (Aug 2 – 5) – Pick your leader, then build your deck
  • Cards revealed in Keg opening can now be switched between when viewing them in Full Screen Preview, without closing one card and opening another.
  • Re-added board reactions (e.g. components on the board swinging/reacting to big explosions on board)
  • Added clickable elements in the Syndicate board

  • Alzur’s Double Cross: provision 9->8
  • Alzur’s Thunder: provision 6->5
  • Artefact Compression: provision 6->5
  • Bomb Heaver: power 3->4
  • Carlo Varese: added Melee restriction to ability
  • Commander’s Horn: provision 11->10
  • Elder Bear: power 5->6
  • Eyck of Denesle: ability threshold increased from 8 to 9
  • Geralt of Rivia: ability threshold increased from 8 to 9
  • Golden Froth: provision 6->5
  • Iris’ Companions: provision 10->9
  • Ivo of Belhaven: ability changed to “Order (melee): Damage an enemy unit by 2. Cooldown 2. Reduce cooldown by 1 whenever you play a witcher.”
  • Johnny: ability changed to “Whenever you play a special card, damage random enemy by 2.”
  • Lady of the Lake: power 4->5
  • Land of a Thousand Fables: provision 11->10
  • Mahakam Ale: provision 4->5
  • Marching Orders: provision 9->8
  • Myrgtabrakke: ability changed to “Deploy: Damage 2 enemy units by 2.”
  • Red Haze: provision 6->5
  • Regis: Bloodlust: added Melee restriction to ability
  • Renew: provision 13->14
  • Royal Decree: provision 11->10
  • Sandstorm: provision 6->5
  • Sarah: ability changed to “Whenever you play a special card, boost random ally by 2.”
  • Swallow: provision 6->5
  • The Last Wish: provision 9->8
  • Abaya: provision 7->6
  • Bruxa: power 2->3
  • Celaeno Harpy: provision 6->5
  • Cockatrice: power 2->4, ability changed to “Deploy: Damage an enemy by 1 for each adjacent Beast”
  • Cyclops: provision 6->5, removed Reach and added Melee row restriction
  • Devan Runestone: provision 6->5
  • Fleder: power 3->4
  • Gael: power 3->4
  • Golyat: provision 10->8
  • Hideous Feast: provision 6->5
  • Ice Giant: provision 8->7
  • Imlerith: provision 9->8, removed Reach and added Melee row restriction
  • Jotunn: power 1->3
  • Morvudd: power 5->6
  • Mourntart: provision 10->9
  • Plumard: power 3->4
  • Queen of the Night: provision 8->7
  • She-Troll of Vergen: provision 10 ->9
  • Siren: provision 5->4
  • Toad Prince: provision 9->8
  • Vran Warrior: power 3->4
  • Whispess: Tribute: provision 9->8
  • Wild Hunt Navigator: power 2->3
  • Wyvern: removed Reach, added Ranged row restriction
  • Naglfar: provision 10->9
  • An Craite Armorsmith: provision 5->4
  • An Craite Blacksmith: power 3->4
  • An Craite Greatsword: power 3->4
  • An Craite Longship: provision 6->5, added Ranged restriction
  • An Craite Marauder: power 2->3, damage 4->3
  • Brokvar Archer: power 3->4
  • Brokvar Hunter: power 3->4
  • Corrupted Flaminica: power 4->5
  • Delirium: provision 7->6
  • Dimun Light Longship: added Ranged restriction
  • Dimun Pirate: power 6->7
  • Dimun Warship: power 2->3, added Ranged restriction
  • Drummon Queensguard: provision 7->6
  • Drummond Warmonger: power 4->5
  • Ermion: provision 9->8
  • Giant Boar: power 3->4
  • Gutting Slash: provision 5->4
  • Hammond: power 5->6
  • Hemdall: power 4->5
  • Heymaey Flaminica: power 4->5
  • Heymaey Herbalist: boost 2->3, heal 2->3
  • Heymaey Protector: power 3->4
  • Heymaey Skald: power 3->4
  • Heymaey Spearmaiden: power 4->5
  • Madman Lugos: provision 9->8, added Melee restriction
  • Mardroeme: provision 6->5
  • Raging Bear: power 6->7
  • Savage Bear: power 2->4, provision 5->4, damage 2->1
  • Sigvald: added Melee row restriction
  • Skjall: power 3->5, damage 4->3
  • Stribog Runestone: provision 6->5
  • Tidecloak Hideaway: power 3->4
  • Tuirseach Axemen: power 3->4
  • Tuirseach Veteran: damage 4->3
  • Ulfhedinn: added Melee row restriction

    Northern Realms

    • Added new keyword Inspired
    • Added new keyword Crew
    • Added new keyword Resupply
    • Added new category Siege Engine
    • Added new category Warfare
    • Aedirnian Mauler: power 3->4, provision 6->4, damage 4->2
    • Anna Strenger: ability changed to “Every allied turn, on turn end, boost the allied unit to the right by 1. Inspired: Boost adjacent units by 1 instead.”
    • Aretuza Adept: power 3->4, cooldown 2->1
    • Ballista: added Siege engine category, power 4->3, provision 5->4, ability changed to “Deploy: Damage an enemy unit by 1. Order: Damage an enemy unit by 2.”
    • Ban Ard Tutor: power 4->2, provision 5->4, ability changed to “Deploy: Boost an allied Mage by 4.”
    • Battering Ram: added Siege engine category, ability changed to “Order (Ranged): Move self to the melee row, then damage highest enemy unit by 3. Crew: Gain Zeal.”
    • Black Rayla: power 3->5, provision 7->8, ability changed to “Order (Melee): Damage a unit by 1. Cooldown: 1. Inspired: Damage a unit by 2 instead.”
    • Bloody Baron: power 7, provision 10, added category Soldier, ability changed to “Formation. Order: Restore a unit to its base power. Inspired: If target was boosted, give it Bleeding with duration equal to the amount of boost removed from it.”
    • Bloody Flail artefact changed to Bloody Flail special card. Provision 6, category: Warfare, ability: “Give an enemy unit Bleeding for 8 turns. For each allied Soldier, decrease Bleeding duration by 1 and deal 1 damage.”
    • Cintrian Artificer: provision changed 5->4
    • Cintrian Enchantress: power 3->4
    • Cintrian Royal Guard: boost increased 2->3
    • Coodcoodak: power 4->6
    • Damned Sorceress: power 1->5, provision 4->5, category Cursed added, ability changed to: “Zeal. Order: Remove Shield from a unit and then boost self by 2.”
    • Dandelion: power 5->6
    • Dethmold: power 5->6, provision 7->8, ability changed to: “Deploy: Boost all allied Mages by 1.”
    • Dun Banner: ability changed to “Whenever this unit is boosted, Summon copies of it from your deck to this row.”
    • Falibor: power 7, provision 11, ability changed to “Deploy: Damage enemy by 3. Deathblow: Repeat the deploy ability and decrease damage by 1.”
    • Field Medic: provisions 5->4
    • Foltest’s Pride: added Siege engine category, power 4->6, provisions 9->8, ability changed to “Zeal. Order (Melee): Damage a unit by 1. Charge: 1. Crew: Damage a unit by 2 instead.”
    • Forbidden Magic: ability changed to “Damage an enemy unit by 2. Deathblow: Spawn a Kaedweni Revenant and Summon it to random ally row.”
    • Hubert Rejk: Power 5, provision 7, ability changed to “Zeal. Order: Give Bleeding to enemy unit for 2 turns. Charge: 1”
    • John Natalis: Power 2, provision 8, ability changed to “Deploy (melee): Play a Warfare from your deck.”
    • Kaedweni Cavalry: ability changed to “Shield. Whenever this unit loses shield, boost self by 2.”
    • Kaedweni Knight: provision 5->4, ability changed to “When played or Summoned from the deck, boost self by 3.”
    • Kaedweni Revenant, Draug, Cursed Knight – added Cursed category
    • Kaedweni Sergeant: provision changed 5->4
    • Keira Metz: power 2->7, provision 9->10, ability changed to “Deploy: Give Vitality to adjacent units for the duration equal to their base power.”
    • King Foltest: provision 14->15, ability tweaked “Order: Boost an allied unit by 2 and give it Zeal. Charge: 3”
    • King Henselt: Provision 17->16, ability tweaked “Order: Play a copy of an allied unit on the battlefield from your deck, boost it by 3, and give it zeal.”
    • Knighthood: provision 7->6, added category: Warfare
    • Lyrian Arbalest: provision 5->4
    • Lyrian Cavalry: power 3->4
    • Lyrian Landsknecht: ability changed to “Formation. Order: Damage a unit by 1. Inspired: Damage a unit by 3 instead.”
    • Lyrian Scytheman: power 2->3, added category Soldier
    • Mad Kiyan: power 6, Provision 8, Ability changed to “Formation. Order: Damage an enemy unit by the Mad Kiyan’s Boost. Deathblow: Destroy Mad Kiyan”
    • Margarita Laux-Antille: provision 8->7, ability changed to “Zeal. Order: Lock an enemy unit.”
    • Nenneke: power changed 6->4, ability changed to “Zeal. Order (ranged): Boost a unit by 1. Charge: 4”
    • Odrin: power 4->6, provision 7->8, ability changed to “Resupply: Boost self by 1. Inspired: Boost self by 2 instead.”
    • Poor F’ing Infantry: provisions 5->4
    • Prince Anseis: ability changed to: “Formation. Order: Damage an enemy unit by 4. Inspired: Duel enemy unit instead.”
    • Prince Stennis: power 2->4, provision 7->8, ability changed to “Deploy (Melee): Boost an ally by 4. Deploy (Ranged): Boost 4 allies by 1.”
    • Princess Adda: Provision 16, ability changed to “Order: Damage an enemy unit by 8. Deathblow: Give Bleeding to adjacent units for the duration equal to excess damage dealt.”
    • Priscilla: ability changed to “Formation. Order: Give a unit 1 Charge. Cooldown: 1. Inspired: Give a unit 2 Charges instead.”
    • Queen Calanthe: Ability changed to “Order: Play a Northern Realms faction card from your hand, then draw a card of your choice.”
    • Reinforced Ballista: added Siege engine category, power 3->4, ability changed to “Formation. Order: Damage a unit by 1. Charge: 1. Resupply: Gain 1 Charge”
    • Reinforced Trebuchet: added Siege engine category, ability changed to “Ranged: On turn end, damage a random enemy unit on the ranged row by 1. Inspired: Damage a random enemy unit instead.”
    • Reinforcements: Changed primary category to: Warfare
    • Reynard Odo: power 5->6, provision 8->9, ability changed to “Melee: Whenever you play unit boost it by 1.”
    • Rivian Pikeman: ability changed to “Deploy: Damage enemy unit by 2. Resupply: Boost self by 1.”
    • Roche: Merciless: Power 5, Provision 11, ability changed to “Deploy: Damage an enemy by 2. Deathblow: Gain Zeal. Order: Spawn Blue Stripes Commando on own row.”
    • Ronvid the Incessant: provisions 8->6
    • Siege Master: power 5->3, ability changed to “Deploy: Boost an ally by 2. Resupply: Boost adjacent Siege Engines by 1.”
    • Siege Support: power 2->3, ability changed to “Deploy (Melee): Give 1 Charge to an allied unit. Deploy (Ranged): Boost an ally by 1. Order: Give ally Zeal.”
    • Siege Tower: power 3->4, added Siege engine category, ability changed to “Deploy: Gain Vitality for 3 turns. Crew: Boost self by 3 instead.”
    • Sile de Tansarville: provision 8->7
    • Temerian Drummer: ability changed to “Every allied turn, on turn end, boost the allied unit to the right by 1.”
    • Temerian Infantry: power 3->4
    • Thaler: Power 5, Provision 8, ability changed to “Formation. Order: Give 3 Charges to an allied unit.”
    • Trebuchet unit changed to Bombardment special card. Provision 5, category: Warfare, Ability “Split 4 damage randomly between all enemies. Increase damage by 1 for each Siege Engine you control.”
    • Vandergrift: ability changed to “Resilience, Shield.”
    • Vandergrift’s Blade: ability changed to “Deploy: Boost an allied unit by 6. Whenever you play a Knight, boost it by 1.”
    • Ves: power 3->5, provision 9->8, Damage 4->2
    • Vissegard: Added Formation
    • Winch: Provision 4. Changed primary category to: Warfare, ability changed to “Boost an ally by 3 and give it 2 charges.”
    • Zoria Runestone: provision 6->5


      • Blue Mountain Elite: Power 1->3, Damage 4->3. Removed Reach, added Ranged restriction
      • Braenn: Provision 7->6
      • Dennis Cranmer: Power 3->4
      • Dol Blathanna Archer: Power 3->4
      • Dol Blathanna Bomber: Provision 5->4
      • Dol Blathanna Bowman: Power 2->3
      • Dryad Matron: Power 3->4
      • Dryad Ranger: Power 2->3
      • Dwarven Mercenary: Power 3->4
      • Dwarven Skirmisher: added melee restriction
      • Elven Scout: Power 3->4
      • Elven Swordmaster: Power 3->4
      • Elven Wardancer: Provision 5->4
      • Fauve: Provision 9->8
      • Forest Whisperer: Power 3->4
      • Hawker Healer: Power 2->3
      • Hawker Support: Provision 5->4
      • Isengrim Faolitiarna: Power 4->6, Provision 9->8
      • Mahakam Defender: Provision 6->5
      • Mahakam Guard: Power 2->3, Provision 5->4
      • Malena: Cooldown 2->1
      • Morana Runestone: Provision 6->5
      • Panther: Provision 6->5
      • Sage: Power 3->4
      • Saskia: Provision 9->8
      • Sheldon Skaggs: added melee restriction
      • Toruviel: Power 3->4
      • Treant Mantis: Awakened: Provision 7->6
      • Treant Mantis: Dormant: Provision 7->6
      • Vrihedd Brigade: Provision 6->5
      • Vrihedd Dragoon: Power 4->5, Provision 4->5
      • Vrihedd Officer: Provision 5->4
      • Vrihedd Sappers: Power 4->5
      • Weeping Willow: Power 5->6
      • Yaevinn: Power 3->4


        • Alba Armored Cavalry: Power 3->4
        • Alba Spearman: Power 2->3. Initial damage 2->1
        • Artorious Vigo: Provision 9->8
        • Assassination: Provision 6->5
        • Cahir Dyffryn: Power 4->5
        • Ceallach Dyffryn: Power 3->5
        • Combat Engineer: Provision 5->4
        • Courier: Power 4->5, Provision 4->5
        • Cynthia: Provision 8->7
        • Dazhbog Runestone: Provision 6->5
        • Experimental Remedy: Alchemy -> Tactic
        • False Ciri: Add Agent
        • Fangs of the Empire: Power 3->4
        • Fire Scorpion: Power 3->4
        • Fringilla Vigo: Provision 9->8
        • Hefty Helge: Power 3->4
        • Impera Enforcers: added ranged restriction
        • Imperial Diplomacy: Provision 6->5
        • Imperial Golem: Provision 8->7
        • Joachim de Wett: Provision 11->10
        • Magne Division: Power 2->3
        • Mangonel: added rangeded restriction
        • Master of Disguise: added melee restriction
        • Menagerie Keeper: Power 2->3
        • Menno Coehoorn: Provision 9->8
        • Nauzicaa Brigade: Provision 5->4, Removed Reach
        • Nauzicaa Sergeant: Power 3->4
        • Nilfgaardian Knight: Power 6->7
        • Palmerin de Launfal: Provision 8->7
        • Rainfarn of Attre: Power 5->6
        • Recruit: Provision 5->4
        • Roderick of Dun Tynne: Provision 7->6
        • Rot Tosser: Power 3->4
        • Standard Bearer: Power 3->4
        • Sweers: Provision 10->8
        • The Guardian: Power 4->3
        • Tibor Eggebracht: Provision 10->9
        • Toruney Shaelmaar: Provision 9->8
        • Tourney Joust: Boost/Damage 3->4
        • Vanhemar: Power 2->3
        • Vicovaro Novice: Power 4->5
        • Vilgefortz: Provision 10->9
        • Xarthisius: Power 4->5


          • Eavesdrop: Profit 4->5
          • Eternal Fire Inquisitor: Power 2->3
          • Eternal Fire Priest: Power 3->4
          • Firesworn Scribe: Power 3->4
          • Hvitr and Aelydia: added Melee restriction
          • Knife: Provision 9->8
          • Prophet Lebioda: Provision 10->9
          • Sly Seductress: Power 3->4
          • Sukrus: Provision 10->9

            Game Fixes

            • Fixed a rare issue whereby it was not possible to boost units with appropriate categories with Barnabas Beckenbauer’s ability
            • Fixed a rare issue whereby counter for the ability of Harald Gord could get reset and not count every Special Card played
            • Fixed a rare issue whereby ability of Isbel of Hagge did not draw a card for a player

            Developers’ comments

            @Overall for power, provisions, and reduced Damage

            We have increased the power of cards across the board while reducing the provision cost for many of them. On average, many cards should be a lot more efficient now, with this trend being most obvious for cards at the lower end of provision costs. Apart from that, we tweaked many high-damage cards. Bronzes in particular – in our opinion – shouldn’t dish out 4 or more damage. We want to limit those high-damage abilities to specials cards, which we believe are better suited for it. Right now, the meta mostly revolves around units with high damage output, but for the future we want to limit the overall damage output in favor of small pings here and there.

            @Reach & row restrictions

            Reach was introduced with homecoming to make rows more meaningful; unfortunately, the idea didn’t quite pan out. There was a huge gap between units with Reach 1 and Reach 2. The former in most cases didn’t see any play, while the latter for the most part didn’t really seem restricted. Instead of trying to make it work, we’ve decided to remove the mechanic altogether and replace it with row locked abilities which in our opinion feel better to play and are more intuitive. We already introduced some of those in this update and more of them will be coming in future updates.

            @Northern Realms overall and respective faction identities

            We want all factions to have a different feel as players pilot them. Northern Realms has already achieved that thanks to their greedy approach to amassing points: if you leave one or two engines on the board, they can run away with point value very quickly. We don’t want to change that. NR will remain the greediest faction; however, we believe some tweaks to their floor and ceiling is in order (no pun intended).
            Apart from adding 2 new categories, Northern Realms will now have access to 3 new unique keywords. On top of that, for the future we want to be more liberal with giving Zeal and Formation to cards which should make the faction a lot more dynamic – akin to Syndicate.

            @Warfare category

            We want all factions to rely not only on units but also on special cards. For that reason, many factions have certain categories tailored towards them. This best example is in Syndicate, where Crimes were a huge success. We would like to repeat this in other factions. Northern Realms were sort of working with Spells but we’ve decided to move towards something that would flesh out the army feeling even better. Warfare will include all sorts of war-related activities which we will expand upon in future updates.

            @Machines, Crew and Resupply keywords

            Machines never really formed a proper archetype; their underlying issue was being too reliant on Charges. It didn’t matter if the player controlled 10 machines or 1; the charges were given to only 1 of them – the most efficient one. We hope adding Crew and Resupply will open up some deckbuilding possibilities where a mix of Machines are played in a variety of decks.

            @Zeal, Inspire, Formation

            Formation already appeared on few cards prior to this update, yet Zeal was a much more common keyword. We want to shift this balance in favor of Formation. It is a more interesting keyword in comparison to Zeal because it demands players to make more important gameplay decisions. It works especially well with another new keyword – Inspired. The combination of Formation and Inspired will hopefully result in a lot more engaging gameplay where players will have to decide not only on how to build their decks, but also make many crucial in-game decisions, such as whether they are able to sacrifice one turn in order to make their abilities more powerful in the future turns.


            Shield is a really nice status that goes nicely with what Northern Realms wants to achieve. We plan to continue supporting this “archetype” both with this update and with future updates as well.

            See also

            Important announcement about the future of GWENT on consoles

            When we launched the console versions of GWENT back in 2017, our intention was to provide console players with the same level of support as their PC counterparts. However, having just launched GWENT on iOS, and with the Android version coming, the number of supported platforms would significantly increase.

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