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The Pro Ladder is a new, season-based competitive mode that lies at the very core of GWENT Masters. It is the entry point for players wishing to join the world of GWENT esports.

Pro Ladder mode becomes available once a player reaches Rank 21 — the highest achievable rank in the game’s standard Ranked Play. Once you’re there, an option to play the Pro Ladder will become available on the Ranked Play tile in the main menu. Should a player reach Rank 21 during a currently running season, the option to compete in the Pro Ladder will become available to them with the start of the next season. 

In the Pro Ladder, player skill and ranking is determined using a separate Matchmaking Rating (or MMR for short), which is earned for winning games and deduced for losing. To remain competitive throughout each season, players need to actively participate in the Pro Ladder, and vary the factions and deck types they use. This is because a player’s overall MMR is the sum of MMR for their 4 best performing (giving most points) factions during the season. 

Each game played with a faction unlocks 1% of its fMMR. To unlock 100% of a faction’s fMMR, a player needs to complete at least 100 games with that faction. Similarly, playing 50 games will only unlock 50%, and so on. You cannot unlock more than 100% of a faction’s fMMR. For an example of how the system works, see the table below:

Here, the overall MMR sums up to 4100. This number, which is updated after every game, determines a player’s standing on the Pro Ladder.

Though your overall and faction MMRs will be constantly shifting depending on the results and amount of the matches you play, your placement in the ranking will base on the highest overall MMR you have achieved during the season. For example, if you are ranked 3rd with 4750 MMR at any point in the season and lose a number of games, causing your overall MMR to drop significantly, you will remain ranked 3rd until the end of the season, unless another player surpasses your peak overall MMR of 4750. 

Each Pro Ladder season lasts 2 calendar months. At the end of each one, the top 200 players are rewarded with Crown Points (see the Crown Points section for a detailed explanation of what Crown Points are). 

The Pro Ladder rankings are global and take into account players participating in the Pro Ladder across all regions GWENT is currently available in. After a season ends, all MMRs are reset. 10% of players with the lowest MMR at the end of a season, as well as those who haven’t played at least 10 games lose the ability to play on the Pro Ladder. They will need to once again reach Rank 21 in Ranked Play to rejoin.

Players can check their Pro Ladder ranking, as well as a faction-by-faction breakdown of their MMR at any time on the Rankings page.

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