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Review The Witcher 2

Calling gaming enthusiasts from all over the world! We’ve decided that we want you to review the Enhanced Edition of The Witcher 2: Assassins of Kings on Xbox 360!

We have 1000 copies to give out to people who can convince us that they should be the ones reviewing it. Whether you have a blog, a website or a Youtube channel we want to hear what you think about our game. How can you become a reviewer of our game, you might ask… It’s simple! Click here to visit a special website we’ve set up specifically for this event.

Fill out all the required information and send it to us by simply clicking on the SEND button. We will be taking applications until the end of Monday (09/04/2012). Shortly after that, you should receive a reply from us telling you whether you got in or not. Rest assured, we will respond to everyone. Don’t wait any longer! Apply – we want to hear your opinion!

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