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Rites of Midinváerne

Hey there riddle lovers! If you’ve bought The Witcher 2 on Steam, pay attention now, as we’ve prepared something special for everyone who owns Assassins of Kings on that platform. Did I mention that there’s an achievement waiting for everyone who figures it out?

Have a look at the text below and give it a shot:

“After Midinváerne, or Midwinter, the day of the winter solstice, the days grow longer. According to the elves, Midinváerne marks the beginning of a new cycle: the sun gradually gains power and all things beneath it are born once again. Winter Shrines erected on this day celebrate the revival of light and life, but also honor the winter, as death and ressurection are two sides of the same coin.”

Ready? Set, Go! Make sure to let us know in the comments once you’ve figured it out. As mentioned earlier, the in-game change applies only for the Steam version of our game.

Oh, and by the way, The Witcher 2 now supports Steam’s Big Picture:)

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